All You Need To Know About Robotic Lawnmowers

Robotic mowers are an invention that has become increasingly popular. Robotic mowers cut grass within a designated area, bounded by a cable with a sulfur g radio. The robotic mower perceives the signal as an invisible fence and do not move outside the boundary wire. Some brands have remote control, which means that it is possible to cut off the step involving the boundary wire.

lawn mowing robot
Lawn Mowing Robot

Make drawing of how the robot should go

Laying out the boundary wire is the most important part of the installation. The cable can be laid on top of the lawn as it soon becomes overgrown by grass. Plan carefully how the cable should be routed so that you minimize the number of joints. It is usually in a joint that any disruption occurs. Make a drawing of how the cable should be routed.

The robotic lawn mower has charging station

When the battery needs recharging takes the robot mower to its charging station with the help of a guide loop. The charging station should be on a centrally located spot. If the location is central, mower will find faster return.

 Replace the blades in the robot often

It’s smart to frequently change the blades of your robot lawnmowers. By sharp blades, you not only a healthier grass, the battery will also last longer. This is because the mower dryers cut longer on a single charge and do not need to be recharged as often. Changing blades is easy. The only thing you need is a screwdriver.

 The robotic lawn mower can handle rain

Robotic mowers are generally robust and should cope with changing weather, including rain and wind. But if it gets really bad, it should not be at work. When there is a thunderstorm, you should protect your robot lawn mowers as follows: Unplug the power cord to the power supply. Also disconnect the boundary wire and guide wire from the charging station. Otherwise, it can create high voltages in the loop if lightning strikes nearby.

 What does a robot lawn mower?

The price of robotic mowers varies from around $600 to $4500. The more expensive models have more capacity and more features. Remember to choose a mower that can handle size of the garden. It can also be good to choose a cutter where it is possible to program the cutting times – both what days and what times it will be cut.

The lawn needs a rest from clipping

Do not choose a robotic lawn mower that simply just passes the surface of the lawn. This means that the mower will have to go around the clock seven days a week to hold back the length of the grass. To the lawn should be nice and it needs to rest completely from lawn mowing a few days a week.

 Clear the lawn before mowing

For robotic mower to work in the best way you must make sure that the lawn contains only grass and not distracting things, such as toys, garden tools and bigger branches. These can damage the robotic lawn mower.



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