Modern Flower Arrangements Ideas

Do you want to decorate your home with flower arrangements? It is not all business history to decorate the interiors with classical bouquet.

Modern Flower Arrangements
Modern Flower Arrangements

We have unique ideas so that you can decorate the flowers in easy ways. Here is how to arrange the flowers in a creative way.

To create a colorful mixed pattern

  1. Use glasses

You can go to the flea markets to explore unused things. The old pharmacy and laboratory glasses make up the measuring cups wonderful as vases.

Old laboratory glasses With Flowers
Old laboratory glasses With Flowers

Thanks to the different shapes that look very much alive when decorated side by side. They are all made ​​of clear glass. In addition, the flowers look as if they were floating. Alternatively, you can also collect jam jars and use them as vases.

  1. Use mixed Flower species

One may like Poppy, carnation, ranunculus and chrysanthemums. There are so many pretty flowers that always look great when put together in a combination.

mixed Flowers vases
mixed Flowers vases

The main idea here is colorful presentation! It looks good only if the vases of the same material or similar shape are used.

  1. Place the emphasis on size

Flowers vases placements
Flowers vases placements

If you have flowers and vases of different sizes put first the vessels next to each other starting with big glasses as they are the main focus. The smaller can be placed around them. How many vases you need is a matter of taste and available space.

  1. Compact is better

To decorate nicely, it is particularly important that the stem in relation to the vessel must not be too long. You would like to cut it so short that the flowers barely protrude above the rim vases.

  1. Choose wider vases

Flower Wider vases
Flower Wider vases

The vases should have a wide opening. So that the flowers fall apart loosely and they would look easy and relaxed. To emphasize this effect you can put only two or three flowers in a vase. A positive effect of this will be that with a few flowers, one can create the impression of wealth and space.

The exoticism in glass

Succulents are once again in demand. One can create great looking mini landscapes with them.

  1. for a bright place

Succulents cacti Flowers
Succulents cacti Flowers

Succulents, which include cacti, are low-maintenance character types. They look interesting and sometimes endure two weeks of drought. For people who travel a lot, these are a blessing! What the plants always need is a plenty of light.

  1. for different shapes of vessels

Succulents Goldfish Aquarium
Succulents Goldfish Aquarium

Whether the drinking glass or the Goldfish Aquarium, succulents can be planted anywhere and this is a great feature that can be easily exploited. The vessels can be very different, large and spherical to small and angular. Just stick with one material like glass, you can experiment and display some variety.

  1. Small world of plants

With succulents and sandy soil, a florist or you can yourself create exotic mini worlds. The stones can be collected from the beach take would make presentation more beautiful and meaningful.

The retro look

You can also decorate the plants in an old-fashioned way by using the flowers with vases in the style of the 60s.


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