Garden Edging Ideas for the Creative Home-Owner

For people who love their gardens and working with their hands, garden edging ideas offer a chance to be just a little more creative with their gardening. Garden edging allows for a neater look in the garden beds and even a slightly more professional look to the garden. Even quite small home gardens can be much improved by creative garden edging ideas.

Garden Edging Ideas
Garden Edging Ideas

There are many ideas as to what constitutes an appropriate garden edging design, but the truth is almost anything that isn’t inimical to the plant or soil works. Garden edging on Pinterest will give you plenty of ideas. Affordable garden edging ideas are not difficult to find.

Brick Edging

Brick Garden Edging
Brick Garden Edging

When people first want to create a neat looking garden, they tend to start with a brick. People are fond of it because it is a classic material, allowing for garden edging ideas on a budget and although some skill is required to do it yourself, it is possible to do so. The brick can be adjusted easily to create neat beds and it only looks better after time has passed and it gains a weathered appearance.

For a single layer of brick, you might not even require mortar; simply bury the bricks in the soil.

Stone Edging

Garden edging with stone is another classic look with minimal effort. Finding stones of the right size and look is relatively easy and arranging them merely requires an artistic eye. Once again, garden edging ideas on the internet will give a variety of garden edging designs and ideas that can help the amateur.

Stone Garden Edging
Stone Garden Edging

While the stones are heavy and lifting is difficult, in all other ways placing stones is much easier than most of the other options. This will also look better with time; even a slightly untidy garden looks excellent with stone edging done properly.

Metal Edging

Metal edging is a plausible garden edging idea, but it has generally tended to be used in botanical gardens or other professional gardens. Simply cutting and preparing the metal is quite difficult and might require power tools and skills.

Metal Garden Edging
Metal Garden Edging

However, if you are skilled in working with metal and have the right instruments, then metal edging is pretty, long lasting and much more adaptable to different styles of garden beds.

Other Styles

Garden edging ideas can be creative, and very simple. Lanterns can be put outside with a little roof to protect them. Bamboo is a little expensive but bamboo garden edging ideas is another possibility as well as garden edging ideas with wood. You can even use empty wine bottles turned upside down. Being creative with what is lying around the house can be one creative way of having fun with garden borders and edging ideas.

What Else?

Decorative garden edging
Decorative garden edging

You can also go the absolutely simple route of leaving a strip of soil between two garden beds. While this requires some amount of weeding, it looks nice and is easily adjusted when you want to change the beds.

Decorative garden edging ideas do not require great expense although unless you go the DIY route, it may end up being quite expensive.


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