Small Garden Ideas for the Green Thumb Brigade

Most of us are not privileged with having a large garden in the country or the money or time to invest in it. However, having a green environment is certainly desirable by all and the accomplishment felt when something is growing is worth a little hassle.

Small Garden Ideas
Small Garden Ideas

Here are some small garden ideas for various types of spaces. Small garden ideas are best executed if there is, at least, a little space at ground level but there are certainly possibilities of small garden ideas and designs even for balconies or windowsills.

Gravel It Up

Small Garden rock garden
Small Garden rock garden

For a small garden idea on a budget taking gravel and then making a small rock garden is certainly the most low-maintenance option. Small garden ideas for front yards often include a gravel bed and a rock garden with a pattern of colorful rocks. Small garden ideas with rocks look good and are easy to maintain for a busy working person or family.

If You Like Plants

There are certainly low maintenance plants that can be found, a lot of small garden ideas for homes can include hardy plants that might not give many flowers but will survive in the appropriate amount of shade or sunlight that the yard gets and will not require daily watering or too much pest control.

Small Garden Cacti
Small Garden Cacti

Cacti are always an option, but there are plenty of plants that require almost as little attention and will give the scene a bit of variety.

For the Backyard

Small Garden Backyard
Small Garden Backyard

Small garden ideas for backyards with a deck can include building a little pergola out of wood. While it is an initial expense, it is also extremely attractive and along with a gravel bed gives a new living space. An extra hang out space never goes amiss, and it is a safe place to send out children to play too.


If you like the idea of having small garden designs and ideas that people will wow at, with a little effort it is possible to have a strip of an area with plant life and adjacent fences for plants to grow vertically. Flowering vines will give the house a beautiful look without taking up valuable floor space. They can also help shade the other plants if you want to grow something a little delicate.

Small <a  href=
Garden Flowering vines" width="736" height="551" /> Small Garden Flowering vines

Vines can also be grown alongside the house with a sturdy stick leading to the roof; the effect tends to be lovely.

Small Garden Ideas for Apartments

A large proportion of the population now lives in apartments; it simply cannot be helped. So for them, small garden designs mean designs that will fit on a windowsill or a small balcony. The good news is that this is very possible. Potted plants and hanging plants are your friends! They will love you if you love them.

Apartments small garden
Apartments small garden

One low maintenance small garden for home design is to get a bonsai plant with an ornamental rock garden in the same low pot; these look pretty and can fit in pretty much in any corner that gets adequate light.


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