Front Garden Ideas for Homeowners

A small patch of bare land right in front of your house looks so upsetting to come home to. If you have children or pets, then you must be thinking to yourself that it would be nice if they could see something pretty. Front garden ideas are plentiful on the internet but getting front garden ideas for a small budget or less time is not so easy.

Front Garden
Front Garden

Very few of us have the time or the enthusiasm to take care of the plants which look most beautiful and flower and make us the envy of our neighbors. Most of us would settle for something that does not look ugly. A midpoint can be reached.

Rock On

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Front Garden with rocks" width="996" height="661" /> Front Garden with rocks

Front garden ideas with rocks are easy to find. For front garden ideas without space, it is an excellent plan. It does not take much time or money and even redoing your front garden ideas will not take much time. Just buy some gravel and colorful rocks (have fun doing it, this is very important) and make pretty patterns with whatever front garden ideas you can think of. There are plenty of patterns to be found online too.

Voila! The front garden design is finished! If you want to change it again, then all you need to invest is a few hours.

Plant a Few Bushes

Front garden ideas with plants can also look very pretty. Low maintenance plants are easy to find, your local shop selling plants will have someone who can help you out if they have time. Front garden ideas for lawn includes hardy plants that ­­­will live without much maintenance. Ideal are plants that have nice fragrance but do not require more than a daily watering and occasional pest control and pruning.

Front Garden with plants
Front Garden with plants

When gardens are considered, one has to think about the long-term, and what will happen if the family goes off on a holiday, or how to handle dogs or kids who might want to play. Plants that are easily ingested and highly poisonous are a no-no for those with young kids or pets.


Front Garden with vines
Front Garden with vines

Creepers are an excellent proposition for people with limited space but who want a pretty front garden design. They will, however, require maintenance to make sure they do not overrun the place or start growing into other people’s lawns. With vertical fences vines can grow upwards. If you set up tall, strong supports along the house then you will have a fairytale house with vines creeping up along them.


Patio Front Garden
Patio Front Garden

Another excellent design for front garden ideas is to turn it into a seating area. This can be combined with the rock garden idea to have a low-maintenance great front garden. Build up a roof, get out some chairs and you are done! Initial costs might be high but maintenance costs will be low, and very little time will be spent on it.


Front Garden with tiny pond
Front Garden with tiny pond

A tiny pond or sunk pool with an edging of rock can be a great front garden idea and look beautiful. Initial costs are high, but maintenance is not very troublesome. With a rock garden around it, this is a completely hassle-free seating area.


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