Become Social Media Worthy With These Restaurant Design Ideas!

Creating restaurant design ideas that are easy to achieve and can be shared on social media for added visibility and publicity.

With the advent of social media, being Facebook and Instagram-worthy is important. This means that any restaurant design ideas should be worth capturing on camera. There are many ways in which interior design for restaurants can be done. Let us talk about the most popular designs in the business right now.

Restaurant Design Ideas
Restaurant Design Ideas

#1 – Create A Theme Restaurant

Since the beginning of the restaurant trade, themed designs have been worth trying out. They give the place an interesting ambiance and allow it to stand apart from the crowd. The best themes for restaurant design right now are:

Restaurant Design themes
Restaurant Design themes
  • Comic Books – With the onslaught of superhero films, comic books are a great theme to try.
  • Technology – What better way to get social media famous than using the technology that enables it!
  • Regional Food – This is tried and tested and rarely ever fails. Just make sure your décor is authentic.

#2 – Using Art For Restaurant Design Ideas

If you want to become worthy of social media, using art is a great way to go. Invest in paintings, designs, sketches and copies of both classic and modern art.

Restaurant Design
Restaurant Design

Arranging them is the key to creating the best restaurant design. Some ways to go about this are:

  • Create different walls as per the era of the art.
  • Create color-coded art designs, so that each wall is different.
  • Use prints of food-related art all over.

#3 – Create A Modern Restaurant Design With Color Schemes

Modern Restaurant Design
Modern Restaurant Design

A color themed restaurant can work really well. Pick out a scheme with three colors and ensure everything matches them! Some of the best schemes are:

  • Orange, Gold, Yellow
  • Blue, Pink, Brown
  • Silver, Red, Beige

#4 – Make It Feel Just Like Home

A lot of people miss the feeling of eating at home. A homely restaurant design can give them the same comfort and create repeat customers.

Cafe Interior design
Cafe Interior design

It’s a great idea and can be achieved with ease. All you need is:

  • Home style plates, mixed and matched over time.
  • Different sized cups and glasses.
  • Simplified seating with framed photos and different condiment bottles.

#5 – Use Minimalist Furniture and Contrast

A popular yet doable restaurant design hinges on creating a contrast. The idea is to use furniture that is ordinary and simple.

Restaurant furniture
Restaurant furniture

The rest of the restaurant design ideas can be as out of the world as you’d like. Some options to bring out a contrast are:

  • Plates and Cutlery – If you have white or beige furniture, use plates that multicolored and full of designs. Ceramic plates work best for this, as they can be colored in dozens of different ways.
  • Lighting Fixtures – Just about anything works when creating interesting restaurant design. Use large halogen lights, hundreds of bulbs, large cloud shaped lamps or even fairy lights. This goes great with simple table and chair set-ups.
  • Menu Design – A menu can be done up in a delightful number of ways. Make large and loud menus contrast with the simplicity of the restaurant design scheme. This is bound to get a lot of eyeballs.

Once you have the restaurant design ideas in hand, get started. If you have doubts, check it from the lens of your Instagram filter. A social media worthy design will be born in no time at all!


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