Colouring Your House- Check out These Exterior Paint Ideas and Give Your Place a Brand New Look

There doesn’t exist one such person in this whole world who doesn’t want a beautiful home. But not everyone is into interiors and colors and choosing Exterior Paint Ideas. If you are into that stuff, here are a few tips for you.

Exterior Paint Ideas – Who Needs Help With That

Exterior Paint Ideas
Exterior Paint Ideas

Good question. Let me ask you one.

How do you decide the color that will adorn the walls of your beautiful home for the next few years without going either too shabby or too over the top?

Exactly! It’s all about the balance of what you want your house to look like. Sometimes, creating that balance can get difficult. After all, our world is full of colors and shades and tones.

A little help has never harmed anyone.

Okay Then! What Colors Can You Use

Decide a theme.

That should, undoubtedly, be the first step towards getting your paint color schemes. Now, this theme could be anything like warm or cold or neutral or shady or bright.

Exterior Paint themes
Exterior Paint themes

Once you have a theme, it gets easy to choose exterior paint combinations. Different organizations have this paint color stimulator. It’s an exterior house paint visualizer.

This helps in trying on different colors and then determining if they suit your outer walls and if they suit your theme.

Choose a Palette

Like I already mentioned, deciding a theme is very important. But once the theme is set, you have to decide on a single domain from among the many beautiful shades.

Let Me Explain!

Let’s suppose you choose the warm or bright theme. In that case, your options wouldn’t just be yellow and white.

White Exterior Paint
White Exterior Paint

You could opt for combinations like the deep sea on a sunny day or ivory, white, and aqua or yellow-gold. In similar fashion, the options for a cold theme could be cool green, pure white or dark chocolate.

The point is that there are various colours, and all those colours are in different combinations. A master of painting tips and tricks would tell you how each combination portrays something different.

Colors For Outside of Your Home

Here are a few ideas from the vast sea of options that you could use.

  • Choose a cheerful yellow

Combine it with a bright shade of cinnamon and some dashes of pure white. Your house will be the brightest, most beautiful day of summer.

  • Go for celestial blue
celestial blue Exterior Paint
celestial blue Exterior Paint

Match your home with your beautiful garden. Give it a hint of the land and a hint of the sky. Match it with a bit of green and a bit of white.

  • Cool it with a cool green

Bring the woodwork out. A tint of marsh marigold, another of green. Your house will reflect your inner forest.

  • Go Gray
Gray Exterior Paint House
Gray Exterior Paint House

Choose slate gray and pep it up with deep turquoise. Nothing says serious like these colors do.

And You Are Done

Selecting exterior paint ideas can be stressful. It’s not like spray painting a drawing, obviously.

House color designs are hard to pick. Room designers don’t always help in choosing exterior colors.

However, I hope this little piece does.


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