Quick Dip into Some Amazing Home Swimming Pool Designs

Quirky and fun ideas for home swimming pool designs, revamping the look of modern homes.

A long relaxing swim after a hot tiring day, sounds very soothing right? A splash in a huge water body, reminds you of childhood days isn’t it?

Home Swimming Pool
Home Swimming Pool

How Benign is Bathing in the Pool

Swimming is by far the best exercise one can give to the body.

From toning muscles, healthy weight loss to improving heart rate and releasing stress, going in for a dip can prove beneficial in more than one ways.

Why the Need for Home Swimming Pool Designs?

  • Having a pleasing swimming lagoon in vicinity gives an elegant décor to the modern house.
  • It turns out as the best venue for pool parties and family get-togethers.
  • Not to forget the benefits of aquatic therapy.
  • Apart from the fun activities, these water tanks also serve in developing swimming as a sport while staying healthy at the same time.

A Look at Some Contemporary Pool Designs

Home Swimming Pool Ideas
Home Swimming Pool Ideas

From all-natural swimming pools to Tuscan styled home ponds, there is no dearth of pool blueprints.

The Low-On-Space Pool Inspirations

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Low-On-Space Home Swimming Pool" width="564" height="423" /> Low-On-Space Home Swimming Pool

Backyard Pool – For homes that lack space, the backyard area can be utilized well to build a beautiful turquoise water lake. The backyard space which is mostly used for lawns can accommodate a comfortable little pool in its environs.

Terrace/Infinity Pools –Those on the adventurous side can opt for infinity edge-pools with fountains flanking the sides giving a surreal feel. Also, homes with no spare area can go for terraced pools.

Where there’s No Shortage of Area

Pool House – Taking inspiration from Spanish Colonial homes, one can build pool-house in their garden bordered on one side by a little pavilion with direct view from the bedroom balcony.

Cool Blue Décor – A tinge of blue furniture to the poolside verandah can serve as a chic designing idea for your abode.

Courtyard Swim Tank Home
Courtyard Swim Tank Home

Courtyard Swim Tank – Adding a studio and garage to the water area with barn doors opening onto the patio in alignment with the pool house is yet another classy design.

French Quarter Classic – Another option to jazz up your pool theme is to go for brick courtyards with lush gardens walled up on all sides. Throw in some lounge chairs and you have the perfect nest.

For the Creative and Quirky Ones

Ranch Pool
Ranch Pool

The Ranch Pool – A new concept is catching up with people of California, where an underwater bench runs the entire length of the pool. This makes it easier for dogs to get in and out or for people to lounge.

Accessorized Swim Tanks – Accessorizing the insides of the pool is an eccentric idea. With stainless-steel gazing balls floating and ghost chairs placed on a sunken platform, residents are going a long way to do the unconventional.

Indoor Funky Ponds
Indoor Funky Ponds

Indoor Funky Ponds - Owners these days are going for ingenious indoor tank ideas from neon or mosaic bottom ones to multiple level fountain ones. From hot tub combined with the general pool with glass ceilings to nightclub styled lighting, glitzy indoor pools are the in-thing.

What’s Stopping You from Taking the Plunge?

Douse yourself with these great home swimming pool designs. The joy of building your little lake is an unmatched one. So go drench yourselves!


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