Gardening Tips for that Eco-Friendly Hobby you enjoy!

You do not need an exotic holiday for a stress buster and to connect to nature. After really hard day at work, sitting in the garden or tending to beautiful plants and helping them grow can be just as soothing for your mind.


We could all do with some gardening tips to ensure that the saplings we are planting grow up to be healthy plants. But to get the result right we need to work hard and get out hands dirty in our gardens.

Ensure your Soil is the Right Kind

The fertile soil of good texture and water retention capability is the basic requirement for gardening. Every landscaping advice tells us that using manure, rotten leaves, and peat moss can greatly enhance the quality of the soil and lead to effective plant growth.

One should keep in mind that the kind of fertilizers used for the soil will differ during the growth cycle of the plants.

Keeping the Seeds Safe before Planting

Keeping the seeds safe from humidity and moisture, preferably in zip lock packets is an effective gardening tip. The best results come from immediate seed implantation instead of putting them away for later use.

Gardening Tip for Kitchen Gardens

Kitchen gardening
Kitchen gardening

You may not have an entire plot of land to build your garden. You might as well hone your gardening skills by starting with containers, however just make sure your garden receives enough sun and water and is protected from frost.

Kitchen gardening can go a long way in helping you to manage your finances by bringing your backyard harvest to your table.

Garden Maintenance is a Must!

Garden flowers
Garden flowers

Maintain your garden by sterilizing your garden tools and doing away with the dead remains of plants that can attract insects. Remember to remove the diseased parts of your plant so that the rest of the plant can have a healthy growth.

Give your Plant the Support it Needs

It is also important that plants are provided enough support with trellises and frames for them to grow. This helps in the following:

  • Increases the garden area
  • Facilitates air circulation
  • Makes pruning and harvesting much easier.

Maintaining a Record for your Garden.

Garden vegetables
Garden vegetables

There is a need to make your hobby a systematic one. Making diary entries about your home vegetable garden, tracking the growth and life cycle tendencies of the plants growing in your backyard can help get better results in the next cycle. For instance, recording the names of vegetables growing in your garden and comparing them from time to time will let you know which yielded the best in your garden!

Gift a Plant- Best Gardening Tip!

Spread the joy of gardening and contribute to cleansing the air by gifting a plant. It’s a great gift idea and teaches one how to learn to take care of a life responsibly as also return something to nature from which we take so much.

Last but Not the Least: Be Patient!

The growth of life doesn’t happen overnight. It is a gradual but definite process. Closely monitor them but allow them to take their own time while you wait patiently.


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