How To Stencil A Focal Wall In Five Simple Steps

Learning how to stencil a focal wall is a simple weekend DIY and can be achieved by following five easy steps.

A home is a perfect place and canvas to try out a DIY design scheme. If the results don’t match up to your expectations, you can start all over again. One such DIY that people often want to learn is how to stencil a focal wall.

Stencil A Focal Wall
Stencil A Focal Wall

There are many lovely inspirations on websites such as Pinterest, and replicating it takes five simple steps.

  1. How to Stencil a Focal Wall – Choose The Wall

The very first and most important step is to know the wall to be stenciled. Ideally, it should be a wall that stands in the middle of the room and catches the most attention.

Stencil A Wall
Stencil A Wall

Choosing the wall under the staircase or the wall next to the windows is a good idea. Once you have the wall in mind, start readying it. For this, you will need:

  • Masking Tape or Painter’s Tape – to prevent the paint from messing up the sides of the walls.
  • Newspaper – to prevent the paint from dripping on the bottom of the wall.
  1. Prepare the Stencil Design

Choose a design that is simple to draw and cut, which can be painted in batches.

ready-made wall stencils
ready-made wall stencils

If you look for how to stencil a focal wall, you will find ready-made stencils as well. These can be printed and cut for a mess-free DIY day. Some of the most popular options are:

  • Floral Prints
  • Geometric Designs
  • Medieval Designs
  • Pop Culture References
  • Cut-outs of Interesting Objects
  1. Position the Stencil on the Wall
Perfectly done wall stencil design
Perfectly done wall stencil design

The stencil design must be placed evenly on the wall. To achieve this, it must be positioned properly and in a balanced manner. Mark out the beginning and end of the wall with a pencil. Make sure it is leveled, so that you do not end up painting a lopsided design. Place all the stencils next to each other and tape them to the wall.

  1. Get Ready to Paint the Stencil
wall stencil paint
wall stencil paint

Once the stencil is ready, you can choose the paint that you want. Ideally, it should match the overall color scheme of the room. Colors that are popular right now are:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Dark Grey
  • Beige
  • Forest Green
  • Navy Blue

When starting to paint a focal wall, you must also know the best way to paint it. A common issue is using broad strokes to paint over the stencil.

wall stencil paint with paint brush
wall stencil paint with paint brush

There are two better ways to paint the wall to prevent the spread. The first is to dab the paint on with a smaller paintbrush. This keeps the paint within the lines and helps it dry faster. The second is to use a mini foam paint roller. This does not absorb as much paint as the regular ones, and they do not let the paint spread.

  1. Cover the Entire Wall with the Stencil

Now that everything is in place, your last step is to keep painting. This process is fairly time-consuming, but the results are immediate and wonderful. Just make sure that you cover the wall and keep the designs at level with each other.

paint wall stencil with butterflies
paint wall stencil with butterflies

The process of stenciling a focal wall is fun and easy to do. It can be a great project for the weekend. You can involve the entire family in it as well. Once you know how to stencil a focal wall, you can repeat the process in just about any DIY you want!


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