7 Ways Make Your Home Peaceful that attracts Positive Energy

Peace is not what we want; it is what we need. But admittedly, it is hard to maintain a peaceful and calm home, especially when you have a family of intense people. You just couldn't help it but think about what needs to be changed – a lot! Aside from the attitudes, the design of your home is another factor that brings a great impact on its vibe. Even a fortune teller in the Philippines would suggest a change of design to attract a positive vibe.

Ways to make a home peaceful
Ways to make a home peaceful

Thinking about interior design can be a little tricky. Just because you like a particular design, that does not mean it will also look good on your home. You need to consider certain things before you start the renovation.  Moreover, being mindful of the design will result to a peaceful vibe in your home. . And to give you some ideas, you may refer to these tips below.

Give everything in your entryway a home

Home Enterance
Home Enterance

The moment you step on your door, you can feel a particular vibe – depending on its surroundings. Apparently, a cluttered foyer can carry disarray and relentlessness throughout your home. But if you have an entryway where one can feel they are well taken care of, you can have a calmer vibe than before. An interior designer, Keita Turner suggests that you can also have a pretty stand on the side. It will serve as a storage for umbrellas during rainy days.

Outsmart kiddie chaos with a little ingenuity

Let's admit; there's nothing more frustrating than seeing writings all over the wall. Most parents face this one problem, especially when they have naughty kids. But you can outsmart these kids by installing a white board on the lower portion of the wall in your family room. With this design, they can freely write anything on the wall while it stays clean.

Make clutter roll away

Clutter Home
Clutter Home

One way to ruin a positive vibe in your home is the clutter. Perhaps, due to your busy schedules, you do not have any time to pile your books, papers, craft supplies, toy collection and even your laundry.  One way or another, a messy home would also mean having a messy life. Always remember that your day starts and ends at home. That means you have to make sure to clean up all the mess you see at home, arrange and put back the things in its proper storage.

Ensure that your day ends on a soothing, luxurious note

One of the great ways to attract positive vibes at home is through a wall quote. After a long and tiring day, this quote can boost their spirit.  When designing, you can use high-quality matte-finish vinyl that creates the look of words that have been hand-painted by a professional artist. Or you can also have a quote wall sticker and install it properly on your wall. Make sure that the wall is clean before you place the sticker to have a long lasting wall decor at home.

Leave yourself soothing reminders

Soothing Interior
Soothing Interior

Aside from the wall quote design, you can also decorate your photos at home. Happy memories can undeniably attract positive vibe. That means, a picture frame of your family and friends can give a relaxing feeling at home. Moreover, you can also include the word 'breath' in a piece of art, and any other small ideas that can create a peaceful and relaxing environment at home.

Place a small vase in every room

Small Vass in Room
Small Vass in Room

There's always be an advantage when you put a fresh flower in every room at home. An etiquette coach, Heather Post says that no matter how messy your home will be, fresh flowers can add a touch of beauty and serenity – not to mention it is a cheaper solution than you think it is. Additionally, the process of changing your flowers every week can give a calming ritual to your home.

Allow some space for mess

It is undeniable that we tend to mess around at home. How much more when you have kids at home, right? But just because it may be inevitable, that does not mean you cannot control the mess. A feng shui expert, Anjie Cho suggests that you can have a particular space or spot in your home for the mess. It is where you can have a homework table for your kids, where they can also throw their backpacks and books.

Now, is it hard to maintain a peaceful home? Perhaps, not anymore, since you know what to do to attract a positive vibe at home. It does not matter where you live; there is no reason for you not to achieve a desirable outcome, – you can always make your home the way it should be.


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