What Makes a Quality Japanese Futon mattress?

The best way to ensure the purchase of a quality authentic Japanese Futon is through a reputable futon dealer. The actual process takes a start from here-reliable dealer that sells authentic Futons with knowledgeable and courteous staff to guide appropriately.

If you are planning on buying a futon bed for yourself, it’s vital that you should have plenty of knowledge about the product before making the purchase. You should know that futons are Japanese sleeping beds that originated from Japan and form a very significant part of their lifestyle.

Quality Japanese Futon mattress
Quality Japanese Futon mattress

Japanese Futon beds are thin and consist of a number of pieces to complete a futon set. This includes Makura (Pillow), kakebuton, and shikibuton as well as futon cover. Futons exhibit a very simple way of living and so is their make, it consists of traditional 100 % cotton filling (which can also be silk) and simple and elegant Japanese covers.

Traditional futons require a traditional care and folding routine; they are folded and stacked away in the closet during the day, are hanged outside in the sun for removal of dust mites and bio-hazards, and they are even beaten up with a baseball stick that helps removing any dust particles hosting in them. For washing, you can remove the futon cover and hand wash or machine was-as instructed.

Traditional futons
Traditional futons

This was the basic of Futons. And now for their quality concern, if you buy your futon from an online store, ensure yourself for companies repute. Read the feedback of customers, some might have negative reviews, but it’s good to see negative remarks. A company with all positive feedback will certainly have an issue.
Since futons have evolved to European market, therefore you will find various types.


You will even physical stores where east-west fusion futons are being made. The choice therefore becomes tremendous and so does their fillings. If you want the Japanese futons then ensure they are authentically being made in Japan.

Quality Futon Mattress

Since there is a wide variety of futon mattress you will also have a variety in their prices as well. The first priority of course is the comfort level. The comfort in a mattress or futon is highly subjective and varies according to individual liking. So, customers get confused with the purchase, a quality futon mattress and its comfort mostly matters as per your choice.

Do remember that a normal thickness futon mattress will be worth the try. You can choose silk filling or foam filling as well, but this again depends on your comfort definition. Japanese futons are filled with 100% cotton and have a standard thickness, but at places like futon beds from Japan you can have the futons custom made.

A few dollars more for a futon should mean worth the investment for a comfortable sleep. Cheap futons will demand spending even more and buying a new futon after few months, as cheap futon will sink down. Even if you will not be using futon regularly, consider investing in a good futon mattress.


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