8 Super Tips That Will Make Your Bedroom More Intimate

The master bedroom is probably the most cherished spot of anyone’s home. It is the site where couples enjoy their most private and personal matters. It is also the place where they sleep for about eight hours nightly. You can buy the gel memory foam mattress on the online retailer Bedding Stock.


Love nest and sanctuary

Your master bedroom deserves particular attention being a prominent spot at home. It should contain the things that bond your relationship with your spouse and family. Everything in this room should help contribute to the warmth of your relationship.

Bedroom ideas
Bedroom ideas

But sadly, many couples take their bedroom for granted. They seem to forget its primary objectives and overstuff it with things that make their family close with each other. Others treat it as an extension of their workplace, which defeats its purpose of being a nightly refuge from the busyness of daily life.

Make it lovelier     

Romantic Bedroom
Romantic Bedroom

Making your bedroom more romantic would do you a favor for your relationship with your partner and children. The quality of the bond as partners will be reflected in the day-to-day activities in your household. Because of this, the design and maintenance of your room can indirectly affect your life as well as your families.

Here are some methods that will make your room more romantic:

  1. Tidy up your stuff – A cluttered room is a big turn off for romance and family bonding. Unarranged things have a subconscious impact in our mind and emotions that eventually can affect your relationship. The best way to put things in order is to consider your bedroom as the most sacred room in your house. What are the things you need to clear up by throwing it away in trash bins or garage sale or by placing it outside your bedroom?
  1. Have a feminine touch – In general, women have a keener eye for interior design, especially on what clicks for their romantic lives. They are more attuned to making a room comfier through design.
  1. Choose light and calming colors -

    Bedroom design ideas
    Bedroom design ideas

    Colors significantly affect our mood. A combination of light and soft ones conditions our mind to mellow down for a restful sleep and satisfying sex. Designers suggest light shades of blue and earth colors are best for your room.

  1. Display souvenirs and mementos – Sweet moments in the past are preserved as memories that cement relationships. The more you are reminded of them, the better your bond will turn out. Displaying souvenirs of the places you dated in as well as the gifts that you gave to each other are powerful reminders of your most romantic moments in the past that can rekindle your present passion for each other.
  1. Ban the TV and other electronic gadgets – These things can mess up your romance and relaxation inside your room. Your bedroom should be exclusive for sleep, intimacy; not for entertainment, work, and leisure.
  1. Use aromatherapy fragrances

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    Your sense of smell is among the most influential triggers for memories and emotions. After all, your attraction and bond are sealed because of your pheromones. Lighting aromatherapy candles, placing a bowl of potpourri, and spraying perfumes can help you set the mood for romance.

  1. Play background music – Play the passionate music in the background. This act will spark the romance and keep it burning. Choose the songs that both of you has been fond of and played all throughout your relationship.
  1. Nourish your soul – Feeding your spirituality will cement and strengthen your bond. Set regular time to pray and meditate together. You can also engage in reading sacred scriptures like the Bible together.

Your bedroom plays a huge role in the success of your relationship. Therefore, designing and maintaining it is part of your shared responsibility to keep it lovelier.


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