Gardening Tips – Let Them Blossom

When you imagine your dream home, almost invariably a picture of a beautiful garden accompanies it. It could be fresh flowers adorning the entrance or plants laden with vegetables at the backyard.


A perfect garden, however, requires constant effort and a bunch of gardening tips. Starting from watering the plants to keeping the soil free of insects, this article will take you through some useful gardening tips.

 Know Your Seeds before You Sow

Gardening seems an easy task until you practically start digging and planting. Of all the gardening tips, the first and foremost is associated with germination.

Sadly, many times our seeds do not germinate and all our efforts go in vain.

Gardening Wax Bean seeds
Gardening Wax Bean seeds

Consider these gardening advice while sowing your seeds.

  • Seeds should be new and fresh.
  • Collect information on what types of plants grows in your region.
  • Do not sow in a cold and very wet soil as this may lead the seeds to rot.
  • The depth at which a seed is sown, decides the amount of light it gets. So check the amount needed for different plants well in advance.
  • Seeds are a favourite food for birds and rats. Protect them with chicken wire or netting till they germinate.

Simple Gardening Advice for Beginners

gardening vegetables at home
gardening vegetables at home

If you are an amateur, go for plants that need less care. You can start with vegetable gardening since vegetables grow faster. If you go wrong anywhere, it won’t take you months to realize and you can start over again.

Water, Water:  How Much to Water

Water is the only food apart from manure that you can feed your plants. So religiously water them.

Water for garden
Water for garden

But before watering, there is an important gardening suggestion. Do find out the amount of water different kinds of plants require since every plant has a different requirement.

Also, a good gardening suggestion is to water the plants in the morning hours when the sun’s heat is still waiting to reach its peak.

Healthy Soil and Healthy Plants Yield Healthy Results

gardening fertilizers
gardening fertilizers

Keep your plants healthy and soil fertile. Soil can be fertile if it has a good amount of earthworms, microbes and other organisms in it.

Natural and organic fertilizers are best to be used since earthworms thrive in them.

Gardening Idea to Scare Away Insects

caterpillar garden insects
caterpillar garden insects

There are many insects harmful to your plants and soil too. But there is an easy trick to keep them at bay. Wondering what it could be? It’s something interesting. Well, grow onions, garlic, chrysanthemums and chives around your garden. Insects simply can’t stand them.

Sow Seeds, Not Weeds

A very important tip for gardening is to weed your garden regularly. You might feel lazy or overlook this activity. But push yourself and tackle them before they set their seeds.

Gardening Can Be Fun

With all these gardening ideas you can now take up gardening as your new hobby. Of course, you can take a peek at various blogs and websites for more gardening tips.

By the way, have you ever wondered what the oldest form of gardening is? Well, it is forest-gardening – a form of food production system based on forests. That’s not a gardening tip, though.


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