How to Make Your Home More Peaceful

Stress is everywhere. But if there is one place that shouldn't be another stressor to you, it's your home. In fact, our homes - be it a condo in Abreeza or an apartment - should support and nurture us to face yet another challenging day outside of it.

Peaceful Home
Peaceful Home

Here's how to transform your home into a more peaceful place to live in.

1) Conquer clutter whenever possible

Sweet home interior
Sweet home interior

Clutter screams chaos that you see right from the doorsteps. Such an ugly sight. Tame the tension the clutter create by having a plan. For instance, you can tackle the living room in one day, the dining room the next day, the bathroom the day after and so on. In this way, you need not tackle all clutter in one day which basically zaps your energy and leaves you drained until the next day. Getting organized is the necessary first step.

2) Remove “bad” elements

No, not the substandard kind of bad but those things inside your home that reminds you of a negative feeling. These are the things that evoke bad memories. Negative emotions can also drain you. Afterward, replace them with concrete things that reminiscent of good times and happy feelings. A collage of your travels or a family picture can do the trick. Let these things inspire you, making your home a haven that it is.

3) Put a sanctuary slogan

We have our personal motto. Why not have it framed so you can read it every day? If you don't have any, it is high time you look or create one. Just make sure that the slogan reflects you or your home's real quality, characteristic or atmosphere. Ask yourself this question—Where are you headed? This is one way of creating an environment that invigorates you toward achieving your ideal home.

4) Bring nature in

home potted plants
home potted plants

Humans are wired to appreciate the natural beauty around us. What better way to make out more a more serene place than to incorporate natural elements. Potted plants (or a terrarium or Zen garden) is always the first choice. But you shouldn't stop at this. Integrate the five elements if possible such as a mini fountain (water), candles (fire), stones (earth), and a mix of metal or wooden furniture pieces. These elements build and encourage restorative energy inside your home.

5) Use fewer decorations

designing your home
designing your home

A continuation of #2, your goal should be decluttering your home. Consider a minimalist approach to designing your home. Remove all the decors that don't add up to a more restful place that you want to create. Leave only those items that hold sentimental value. A handful of meaningful objects can truly inspire and even draws you to appreciate all the things that you possess. You can also take pride in having a more pleasant space.

We are on a constant lookout for things that can relieve our stress. And yet, we often overlook the fact that our home is a significant contributor to our stress levels. Good thing, the solutions are simple as mentioned above. Do all these things, and you'll eventually live a happier life.


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