The Top Pointers For Working With Tile Patterns

For making your home look its best there are many tile patterns to choose from. However, you’ll definitely need to take your time and get the right advice before picking one.  So here are some tips that can really help improve your odds of success.

Take A Look

A great way to get started off on the right foot is to take a look at a wide range of patterns yourself. You can even make this social by going about it with friends, or going to the homes of acquaintances and seeing what they have in their houses. By having a look at floor and wall tile patterns first hand you can really get a fantastic feel for what they can accomplish.

 Tiles patterns for floors

Tiles patterns for floors

Fortunately for homeowners today, looking at images of stunning layouts is easier than ever. In the past you had to purchase home décor magazines, which are a great option by the way, but now all you have to do is turn on your computer.  With the help of the internet you can browse tile layout patterns at home, on your lunch break, or virtually anywhere via your smart phone.

You May Need Some Help

There’s nothing wrong with getting some advice from someone who knows more than you do on the subject. Consulting a tile pro can be a real time and money saver. They can recommend what tile design patterns will make your home look stunning with little effort whereas you may simply be guessing.

tile patterns
tile patterns

This may be something you want to consider even if you will be doing all of the tiling yourself, just to double check that your plans are sound. But of course if you will be planning on having a pro to install the tile for you, a reputable one will help you in the process of picking a pattern that works.  For the majority of homeowners this usually is the easiest option.

Material Selection

It may come as a surprise to some but the material you choose to use with your layout can be crucial.  This is because some tile materials just look so amazing when used with certain tile patterns. Of course you will always want to choose a material that comes in colors which match your home and the color scheme of the room where you will be installing the project.

tile patterns black and white
tile patterns black and white

There are a few very famous pairings that always seem to work though.  Glass tiles can really be jaw-dropping when used with subway tile patterns like the running bond.  Because glass is not as durable as other materials this combo is normally used with wall tiles.  And, don’t forget the Versailles layout with travertine, which can transform spaces indoors and out with ease.

By taking a good look at real examples, getting help from a pro, and sticking with materials that work with your layout you will be well on your way towards a fabulous looking installation.  But of course don’t forget to enjoy the process of exploring all of the different tile patterns and don’t take it too seriously.


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