The Best Ways To Upgrade Your Home With Fireplace Tiles

Anyone would like to drastically improve the look of their home needs to consider adding new fireplace tiles.  Not only is this a project that is much less costly than other home improvement jobs but one that adds value, and can be completed in a fraction of the amount of time of other upgrades.

Home With Fireplace Tiles
Home With Fireplace Tiles

Here are the three of the top ways you can use them for exceptional results.

Antique Options

One of the most popular ways to add beauty to your fireplace is by using antique tiles.  There are several options that are well-known and sought after which can satisfy your taste for vintage décor.  Edwardian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Victorian fireplace tiles all will make for a stunning display. Of course these are not designed to be used on the hearth but only on the surround where they will serve a decorative function.

Antique Fireplace Tiles
Antique Fireplace Tiles

Authentic antique options are especially popular and much easier to find in the UK.  For those who may live somewhere else or are looking to save a few bucks, imitations are also an option.  Reproduction fireplace tiles can be totally convincing since they are almost always based on original designs, so much so that it can be almost impossible to tell the difference.

Use Your Imagination

A great way to have some fun with your upgrade is to simply use your imagination. Many homeowners choose to create their own patterns using different solid colored tiles. You can purchase a few different shades and alternate them. By playing with contrasting and matching colors you can really come up with some stunning results.  Of course you can also choose shades that will accent or complement the color scheme of the room in which your fireplace is located.

solid colored tiles fireplace
solid colored tiles fireplace

You could also use the same concept with tiles that have images or designs to function as decorative fireplace tiles.  While some people choose to alternate them others purchase a wide array of motifs and mix and match so they appear random.

Natural Stone

natural stone tiles fireplace
natural stone tiles fireplace

There’s nothing like stone when it comes to adding serious looks to your fireplace.  Each type has its own colors, markings, and even textures that they are known for, but of course these vary from tile to tile since each one is totally unique.  Not every type of natural stone can be used, but there are a few very reliable and attractive choices.

Marble fireplace tiles can be used to portray a very high-end and modern look and are synonymous with luxury.  They come in a huge range of colors and are well-known for their prolific veining.  Slate tile is another choice that can totally transform the feel of wherever they are installed.  Most often they are used to a help create a country style with their rough and un-even texture.

Installing new fireplace tile is an upgrade that any value or beauty-conscious homeowner needs to consider.  And when doing so you’ll want to be sure to keep the ideas mentioned above in mind to help you create a project that will give you years of enjoyment and stunning good looks to be proud of.


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