The Importance Of Using The Best Led Grow Lights

Growing plants indoors is fun but at the same time very challenging. Perhaps the most crucial aspect of indoor gardening is the correct use of lighting. Grow lights are special lights that are designed exclusively for this purpose. These lights are composed of various light spectrums that help the plant to grow in both vegetative and flowering stages.

Best Led Grow Lights garden
Best Led Grow Lights garden

There are many different types of grow lights available in the market. There are lights as simple as incandescent bulbs, high intensity discharge bulbs or fluorescent lights. LED lights are a relatively newer addition to the list of grow lights. Ever since they have been introduced in the market, they have gained immense popularity and are rapidly replacing all the other kinds of grow lights.

Indoor plant lighting
Indoor plant lighting

However, there are still many people who refrain from using them, mainly because they don’t know what kind of LED light to choose. Despite being advantageous in many regards, only high quality LED lights with proper wavelength formulation prove to be successful for a complete grow project indoors. You need to install the LED panels that match the lighting requirements of the plants that you are growing.

What are LED grow lights and how are they different?

LED grow lights are made with diodes through which an electric current passed through a semiconductor material. The passing of the current charges the electrons which then produce light. The composition of the semiconductor material may vary and different materials are responsible for producing lights of different colors.

Led Grow Lights garden
Led Grow Lights garden

What sets LED lights apart from other grow lights is the fact that they are extremely power efficient and operate at low temperatures. They give the same result as any HID light and consume less than half the power. They do not produce a lot of heat; hence they save you the money that you would use for heat management.

Because they use very little power, they prove to be the most cost effective lights in the long run. Initially they do cost more than other lights, but they save on operational costs and are a cheaper way to grow indoors. LED lights are also more eco friendly as they have the least negative impact on the environment.

Using the right LED lights

As said above, the color of the LED depends on the semiconductor used. There are LED lights that are available in only one color and there are also some lights that have multiple colors. Full spectrum LED grow light has all the wavelengths of light necessary for plant photosynthesis, without including extra portions of the light spectrum, which are given off as wasted heat.

The most efficient formulation for plant photosynthesis will include no more than six to eight different colors of the light spectrum. Adding ultraviolet diodes will be beneficial to certain types of plants, which produce resins as a reaction to the uv light. Using a good quality LED light might cost you more, but in the end they are more effective in many regards.

Why use LED lights?

LED lights are extremely power efficient and cost effective. However, these are not the only reasons to use LED lights. The impact these lights leave on the plant growth is remarkable. Other grow lights generally blast the plants with light, something which can have a very detrimental effect on the plant growth by overheating plants, burning and excess evaporation of moisture.

LED grow lights for your garden
LED grow lights for your garden

The LED lights are subtle and are closest to the natural sunlight that the plants actually demand. Also, other grow lights produce large quantities of heat which can increase the temperature of the room hence disturbing the plant growth. With LED lights heat production is not an issue at all. In fact, they let you maintain the required temperature in the room with little to no air conditioning needed.

While LED lights have many advantages over types of lights, you must keep in mind that they will work best if you get the best lights. You must never compromise on the quality of the light if you want greater yields.


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