Coastal Decor Ideas for a Beachy Home

Many people say that the sound and scent of the sea, gentle breeze and sunlight make them feel serene and at peace. One idea of how you can evoke those feelings in your home, no matter whether you live by the sea or not, is to decorate your house with some marvelous natural decorations. Apart from that, different shades, like white, blue, lilac, light gray, also make the atmosphere inviting and relaxing.

Coastal home Decor
Coastal home Decor

Bring the beach and the sea inside by finding inspiration in the following chichi ideas.

Cool Dining Room Ideas

Coastal Dining Room
Coastal Dining Room

Make the atmosphere in your dining room lively, bright and airy by using neutral shades in combination with bolder blue colors. Get shells of different shapes and colors and arrange them as a table décor or decorate a wall. Be creative and make a display of vintage bottles of various sizes, fill them with sand and paint some sea motives using glass paint.

Classy Décor for the Bathroom

The bathroom should definitely be a place where you’ll be able to feel completely relaxed. Style your bathroom with beautiful seaside motives, starting from the sink to a mat. A great clamshell sink is one of the options you can go for if you don’t find it too glamorous.

clamshell sink bathRoom
clamshell sink bathRoom

You can always decorate the mirror with shells, either as an interesting DIY project, or you can purchase a ready-made one from the shop. Soft bathroom mats with sea motives would be a good choice that would complement the whole picture. In addition, put some shells and corals around the bathtub, light the candles up and enjoy the most relaxing atmosphere ever.

Adventurous, Cozy Bedroom Decoration

Cozy Bedroom Decoration
Cozy Bedroom Decoration

If you’re an adventurer deep down and feel inspired by distant places, you’ll most probably enjoy having nautical maps on the walls. They come in various colors and sizes and you can pick the one that best fits your bedroom. There are maps painted in the style of a blueprint by an artist Lori Barnaby that would fit perfectly with a blue rug, chairs, a bedside table or any accessories you plan to have in the room.

Great Beachy Décor for Your Living Room

If you want to create an easy-going seaside feel in your living-room, think about mixing a stylish palette of maritime blues and crisp white.

Beachy Décor for Your Living Room
Beachy Décor for Your Living Room

Add pillows of interesting accent colors and patterns, and natural decoration such as shells, starfish, corals, driftwood and ropes to make the atmosphere soothing and inspirational. Beach style should be casual, which means you’re free to mix different coastal style furniture and materials. For instance, you can combine cottage and contemporary styles, as well as cotton, rattan and linen. As you like it.

Additional Designers’ Suggestions:

  • Knotted rope on the windows is an excellent option for the living room, bedroom or kitchen. A home with such a décor seems adventurous and inspiring.
  • Decorate your kids’ room with wallpaper with sea motives. There’s such a wide range of options, starting from the interesting blue/white patterns to little whales swimming around. Take your kids to the shop and decide together on the best wall décor for their room.
  • Striped throws on the sofa or armchair are elements that instantly evoke the coastal, beachy atmosphere in the room.

Whether you’re in the process of remodeling or building your new home from the scratches, these tips & tricks will surely come in handy. Your home is your retreat; it should make you feel serene and inspired at all times. Seaside motives and decoration are in many cases and for a lot of people, the first and only choice.


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