2016s Inspiring Kitchen Designs to Die For

Kitchens are indisputably the bloodline of today's homes so, comprehensible, you want your home kitchen to look at its very best. Even if you are not in the market for a complete re-do, couple of trendy renovates will bring your kitchenette into the 21st century.

Inspiring Kitchen Designs
Inspiring Kitchen Designs

Needoftheday has sifted through the up-and-coming kitchen style trends of 2016 so that your new kitchenette will look mind-blowing for as long as you want it to.

Go for New Functionality

hydraulic Kitchen doors
hydraulic Kitchen doors

Not only is the shades of kitchen cabinets revolutionizing — hardware manufacturers, like Blum, are altering the way drawers and cabinet doors function. These easy-close, hydraulic doors fold out and up of the way with the touch of a button making them ideal for kitchens where there is space seems to be an issue.

Soft, Muffled Color Palettes

Good news for those who are already thinking about switching up their kitchen color scheme: Kitchen shades are changing, according to Jane Lockhart the interior designer. Though white motifs will still lead their lives, everything from backsplashes to cabinets will be done in less saturated tones. Dark Blue, Grays, Charcoal, and also neutral pastels like pale green, pale blue, tinted whites and gray are the fresh alternative to the standard white, according to her, she also anticipates kitchens sporting lighter wood tones, like whitewashed, walnuts woods and white oak in schism grain.

Kitchen Color Palettes
Kitchen Color Palettes

Bold primary colors, furthermore, will be placed on the back burner. Gail Drury the Interior designer says they are indeed out as highlight hues. Waterless tinges will become universal, Muted greens and pale yellow and blues pastel will be used as accent shades.

Slim Countertops

Fresh, ultra-thin 11mm, 12mm, and 13mm countertops have increasingly been taking Centre stage.  While high-class, imported kitchen style brands have been commanding the way with this trend locally. Thin countertops are greatly suited to modern, sleek designs, but can be used in industrial and transitional kitchenette designs evenly well when applied with discernment.

Kitchen Slim Countertops
Kitchen Slim Countertops

The natural look of granite and marble is trending. We think that folks are looking for something more charming than the simple and clean look of solid colors. The collection of 'natural look' quartz slabs is rising in step with this demand, giving people the chance to get the look of natural stone while evading all of its maintenance irritations.

Not only are natural stone appearing trending in kitchen backsplashes and countertops, but the rough, industrial look of concrete is also at its best right now, we think the rough, extra sophisticated, concrete-inspired appearance will become more common than just mixing the concrete color.  We may also see a standardized ‘natural concrete’ look developing.

Natural Lighting

Kitchen LED lighting
Kitchen LED lighting

Clever LED lighting and feature lighting placements aside, this year it is time to make use of some free element lighting of the sun. Take the outdoors inside with huge windows, glass doors and walls or even windows as splashbacks!  Not only you will get advantage from all the charismatic natural light that you are permitting into your kitchen world, but greenery of the garden will have a clear effect on the atmosphere of your kitchen interior.  Definitely, this may mean that you have to do some extra garden remodeling now that the garden is a kitchen item also.

The Early ’80s Reunion

The Early ’80s are back. High-gloss exteriors, Brass accessories, and Mirrored backsplashes are not dead by a long shot, but they are more sophisticated and polished this time around. A stylishness not seen in the ’80s era will be a combination of a mixture of regular ingredients to get rid of the plastic look of that great hair period. Homeowners will go for brass with satin as compared to glittery finishes.

Smart Modern Kitchens

Take over smartphones, the smart modern kitchen is here.  If you are always on the lookout for new innovations and gadgets, you will love this set of enthused ideas for your new kitchen style.  While remote and phone operated appliances are also existing, here are some innovations gathered by Needoftheday that you can enjoy right now.

smart modern kitchen
smart modern kitchen

In a little while, you will be able to produce a kitchen primed for entertaining, whether it is a built-in iPod docking station, or a stage to programme all of your domestic appliances!

Energy-efficient, Retractable extractor fans:  get free of cooker hoods that jam your view by fitting an extractor fan that packs itself away into your surface when you are not using it.

Unseen power outlets: your designer can disappear a device power station in your kitchen drawer, or room your plug points under cabinetry to make sure your backsplash stays gorgeous.

A built-in vacuum structure: rather getting out the vacuum cleaner, now you can have a vacuum structure built into the kickboard of your kitchenette – just brush the dirt into the opening. Or one action further… robot vacuum.

Coffee and Water to go:  now you can get a tap system fitted that offers you cold, filtered, sparkling or boiling water on your request, or even an independent tap you can time for morning espressos and lattes. Digital Cordless Kettle to serve you hot water any time.

So that is the story of the top kitchen trends Needoftheday exposed for 2016. We hope this list gives you some supportive insights into what homeowners and home builders are prioritizing in their kitchenettes and gives you excellent on the go ideas you can try if you are thinking to renovate or beautify your own kitchen for 2016s and beyond.


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