Clear the Way to Decorate and Prepare for the Holidays

The holidays don't have to be an incredibly stressful time. That usually happens when a failure to plan has you scrambling to make everything perfect before guests visit. When you follow a strategy ahead of time, you'll cruise into the holiday season with all the details in place.

uncluttering home
uncluttering home

Possibly the best weapon you have on your side is uncluttering. Removing all the junk that gets in the way of an easy holiday design deployment paves the way for you to unveil your decorations with no interference. Get your holiday accessories ahead of schedule and place them just before the guests arrive.

Removing Clutter Makes Your Design Project Easier

Clutter happens in all homes eventually. There are certain items that you haven't been able to throw out or put in storage for some strange reason. As the holidays approach, it's time to become ruthless about what's going to stay and which items won't be around. Once you pare down to the essentials, it will be easier to craft a new space that more accurately reflects your vision.

Holidays decoration with yule logs
Holidays decoration with yule logs

The holidays demand that you decorate using many traditional symbols, such as wreaths and yule logs. It's your task to use design elements that don't clash so that you create the festive air people expect. It's a challenge, but when you begin your project well ahead of time by pruning the junk in every room, you'll experience a rush of creativity that takes you to the finished concept in no time.

Preparations Make Presentation Easier

Preparation is the key to uncluttering any room. Gather together every basket, box, and bag you need before you start your work. You'll find everything flows a lot better when you plan ahead. Some of the items you pack will be stored for later use, while you'll want to trash some right now.

Place the junk and garbage in bags which you quickly haul off. Truly organized people also have a checklist to work from to speed things up, but you'll need to decide if that's important or not. You'll want to schedule the time to do the job and enlist the help of as many people as you feel are necessary for the uncluttering. Once you've done one room, you'll have a strong feel for how long the job takes and what's necessary.

Make Way for New Design Projects

It's not as easy as it sounds to eliminate junk or garbage items ruthlessly from your room. You may be attached to them emotionally or, even worse, decide that you'll miss them someday if you throw them out now. It's natural to want to hang on as long as possible to items you bought.

Holidays decoration
Holidays decoration

However, if you honestly can't see a future in which using this thing seems likely, do yourself a favor and toss it out now! That way you won't be forced to decide again later about that same item when it comes time to move. Don't underestimate how much space you'll free up when you throw out stuff that's not useful. These new openings will allow you to decorate easily for the holidays, with a creative spark that just won't quit.

Holiday Design Is Bright and Cheery

Decorating for the holidays is all about finding the room necessary to display accessories and unique pieces. You probably have many holiday-related odds and ends in storage, waiting for their "once a year" appearance. Now is an excellent time for you to review your seat cushions and throw pillows to see if updating them is necessary.  Holiday decor ideas have evolved quite a bit in recent years, so don't be afraid to experiment.

Holiday decor ideas
Holiday decor ideas

The holiday season is about bright and cheery spaces where people comfortably congregate for shared experiences and celebration. Warm, vibrant colors and charming accents drive home the point of security, abundance, and joy. Decorative throw pillows with textures and patterns of the season make fantastic accessories.

Declutter the Spaces You Use Most First

It pays to identify any spaces in your house that will be in use the most during the holidays. Hit those rooms first and get them out of the way. For most people, these will be the living room, kitchen, and family room. Be as organized as possible so you'll remember what everything is and where you stored it all. That means clear labels and organizers!

Stay committed to eliminating as much garbage as possible, even if it pains you a bit. Donate the stuff that you haven't used at all in the past few years. It's still newish, but you just don't need it anymore! These simple acts put you well on the road to successfully rolling out your holiday designs.

Get ready to reveal a perfect presentation that impresses all your guests. One of the best benefits of organizing yourself is that it frees up your time and relieves a lot of stress. It's no fun feeling stressed out during the period of the year you're supposed to enjoy the most.

It's the Time of Year for Giving

It's worth thinking about how big your family's gifts will be because you'll need to store them, too. If you're adding a large tree, you'll have your work cut out for when it comes to planning. You'll need to ensure you have enough space to accommodate the tree and presents comfortably.

One way to get the most out of uncluttering is by giving away things that you no longer need. You will receive a small tax break and a lot of satisfaction when you do. Freeing up the main rooms that will be in play for the holidays is the first substantial step toward producing a holiday season that everyone will remember for years.

You may also consider giving away old seat cushions and throw pillows that you aren't enjoying anymore. Upgrading to new holiday seat cushions and throw pillows is a great way to kick off the festive season!


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