How to do LED Lighting Yourself

Do you want to change your lighting? Perhaps you are sitting in a room with a single light dangling from the ceiling thinking how nice it would be to have a better lit room or house. Or maybe you have a better light design around the home, but the bulbs keep breaking, they’re too hot, the wrong shade of white or cost too much.

LED Lighting
LED Lighting

This is a short guide to converting your home over to LED lights, but you can read a full guide to do it yourself lighting here.

Treat Each Room Separately

First, it’s important to consider each room on its own merits. In the typical house this involves:

1. Standard rooms:

wall mounted spotlights
wall mounted spotlights

For example your living room, kitchen or bedroom. You can decide whether you need a single central light or bar, dispersed downlights, wall mounted spotlights, and lamps. Furthermore, each room will have existing wiring and junction boxes, which may make it easier to put new fixtures in - though more complicated changes will require completely new wiring layouts.

2. Loft Conversions:

Loft led lighting
Loft led lighting

The DIY challenges of the loft are many, but in terms of lighting you lack ceiling and wall cavities for wiring and are more limited in where you can place said lights. In such circumstances, most people plump for spotlights which do not need to be recessed into any ceiling or wall.

3. Garages and Workshops:

Garages and Workshops led lighting
Garages and Workshops led lighting

Like loft conversions, garages tend to lack cavities for wiring, though it’s ok to worry less about visuals. One advantage is the garage tends to house the main circuit board which makes wiring easier. Pay attention to where tools are situated when planning lighting, each tool will need to be well lit to maintain safety.

Installing LED Lights

Downlights require the most attention when installing because they require recessed holes to be cut into the ceiling, complicated wiring, and junction boxes. Do consult a qualified electrician while doing this to ensure your safety and that of the household. One advantage of the LED downlight, however, is that it requires less space than others because it produces next to no heat making it safer in compact environs.

Other lighting options include spotlights which screw onto a wall or ceiling, tube lights which screw into the ceiling, floodlights for external lighting, high bays and bulkheads. Most home lighting uses a combination of central lights, spotlights and downlights.


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