How to choose carpet flooring that will make your home beautiful

The right carpet will transform your home from a plain look to a fabulous one. Good carpets will give you the right ambiance and look for every room in your home. You can make a room look cozy and another simply neat and clean from the type of carpet you choose. Nothing feels as good as the touch of a good carpet on your toes. By choosing the right carpet, you will make your home the place you want to spend most of your time.

carpet flooring
carpet flooring

Choosing the right carpet is critical. Although choosing the wrong carpet has expensive consequences, the process of getting a good one is not rocket science. You do not have to be an interior designer to know how to get the best carpet for your home. We offer expert advice on the best carpets in Calgary.

Apart from choosing a carpet that will be easy in your pocket, you must consider various factors that will help you get that perfect carpet for your home. Here are important factors to consider:

Consider your family's lifestyle

You must keep in mind whether your kids come into your home with dirt and mud. People who live in regions where there are high chances of having a lot of dirt getting into the house must consider the material and color of the carpet flooring they buy.

carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning

The right carpet has to be one that is made from materials that are easy to clean. You will need to find out the best cleaning methods that you will use to keep your carpets clean. Since you will need to clean the carpets regularly, ensure that you get the best quality that will not suffer wear and tear too soon.

Consider the carpet color

When choosing the color for your carpet Calgary, do not only rely on your color preference. You need to determine the effect that you want the carpet to bring in a room. For example, if you want to make a room in your home to appear cozy, the go for darker shades. Darker shades create a warm and mellow ambiance in a room. On the other hand, if your intention is to make the room appear much larger, then you will need to pick a bright color shade.

floor carpet color
floor carpet color

The furniture and the wall paint will also guide you in choosing the right carpet color for your home. Do ignore the color palettes that already exist in your home when choosing a carpet. Having carpets that do not blend well with the color of the furniture and the walls can make your home look disorganized or unsightly.

Consider the fiber

fibre floor carpet
fibre floor carpet

You can get carpets made from wool, nylon, polyester or triexa. The fiber you choose relies on which room in your home you want to put the carpet. Wool makes very luxurious carpets commonly used in bedrooms, bathrooms and on rooms where you want to achieve a soft feel. Wool carpets, however, can easily get stained so you must be cautious of where you place such carpets.

Nylon floor carpets
Nylon floor carpets

Nylon carpets are stain resistant. Carpets made from nylon are very resistant. Nylon carpets are, made of synthetic fiber. These carpets are very popular in many homes because of their bounce back ability. They do not leave footprints when you walk on them. You can get a high-quality synthetic fiber carpet at our carpet flooring store in Calgary.

Consider the function of the room

Are you getting a carpet for your living room, kids play room or home office? You must consider the function of the room where you want to place the carpet to make the right choice. The function of the room will determine the color, the thickness, and fiber choice.

Consider traffic

Choose a thick carpet to cater for high traffic areas in your home. The living room and the kitchen are some of the common high traffic areas in your home. While considering the color and the ambiance you want to create in these rooms, you must keep in mind the thickness of the carpet. Especially if you have kids, consider the high probability of staining and damage.


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