The Importance of U-factor in Your House Design

The importance of U-factor in your house design is critical since it will help you to make a more educated decision when it comes to purchasing energy efficient windows.

The way to determine the energy efficiency of windows involves finding out the rate at which non-solar heat escapes. In other words, what you want to discover is how energy efficient the insulation of the windows you’re thinking of buying actually are. So knowing the U-value will ultimately prove invaluable if you are planning either to build a new home or to update the one you’re currently living in with windows that are energy efficient.

House Design
House Design

What follows are some more details about the importance of U-factor in your house design.


In terms of the origin of the U-factor rating classification, it was created by the National Fenestration Rating Council, which is a non-profit organization that administers a rating and labeling system applicable to windows, attachment products, skylights, and doors.

The rating system is influential since the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program factor the U-factor into the equation when figuring out the windows’ energy efficiency for certifications as well as for rebate programs and government incentives.


While you generally want windows with the lowest possible U-factors, it isn’t really as simple as simply choosing the window you want. In fact, the sort of U-factors that will be most favorable to your intended use will depend on things like where you live.

U-factor windows rating
U-factor windows rating

For instance, cold climates in heating-dominated North regions call for U-factors of 0.30 or less; mixed climates in the Midwest and North areas call for U-factors of 0.32 or less; mixed climates in the Central and South areas that use cooling and heating call for U-factors of 0.35 or less; and cooling-dominated hot climates situated in the South call for U-factors of 0.60 or less.

When you understand the relation between climate and U-factors, you’ll be better equipped to make smart decisions when selecting energy efficient windows for your home.


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