How To Solve These 3 Common Mattress Problems

Having the right mattress improves your life in so many ways. You can sleep well, don’t suffer from backaches and headaches, have fresher mornings, and just get so much out of life which you normally wouldn’t if you had a less than desirable mattress.

Common Mattress Problems
Common Mattress Problems

Such a situation – the one where you don’t have a very good mattress and you don’t sleep well because of it – only makes life more miserable because of sleepy mornings, body pain all over, and foul mood. Therefore, a good mattress is crucial in living a healthy life, regardless of how much interest you may or may not have in home accessories such as mattresses.

Let’s discuss some of the more common mattress related problems that can be faced by anyone.

1) Sagging Mattress

We see it many times that after using a mattress for some time, it starts to sag. Single mattresses usually sag from the middle whereas double mattresses have their sagging spots on the sides since that is where people usually lie down.

foam mattresses
foam mattresses

However, it is not surprising to see foam mattresses go out of shape after a few years of use. It also depends onupon the quality and build of the mattress how long they will keep their optimal shape. This aspect of any mattress is actually a big draw for a lot of customers.

There are a few remedies you can take to avoid your mattress losing its shape. It is a good idea to change the sides of a mattress aka rotate it  after every few months so that you are not always putting pressure on the same spot while sleeping. You can also try flipping the mattress regularly to balance the effects of your exertions on it.

Whether you do the above as a precaution or as a fix to the problem. It will prove to be effective.

2) Springs Loose in the Mattress

The people who prefer spring mattresses will be more familiar with this problem compared to others. Any spring mattress is manufactured in such a way that there are layers if inner protective fillings between the springs and the outermost fabric. So whenever there is a problem with the loose springs in a mattress, it is indicative of the fact that the inner layers have gotten out of place or are damaged.

spring mattresses
spring mattresses

Since these fillings are designed to protect you from the springs, their less than desired performance causes you to be poked the mattress springs during your sleep. Although it is very rare that the actual springs tear through all the fillings and fabric and come out to show themselves, only a very low-quality mattress is capable of such feat.

On the bright side, you can take solace in the fact that these spring problems are a sign that you need to change your mattress soon or at the very least, get it fixed. Any other type of mattress and it is usually too late before people realize they need to change their mattress.

3) Noise

Some mattresses are very noisy. Especially if you talk about spring mattresses. For people who can’t handle a bit of squeaking noise during the sleep, spring mattresses are probably a bad idea and they would be much better off with a foam mattress under them during their sleep.

Noisy mattresses
Noisy mattresses

However, it is important to clarify that if you buy a mattress with the right firmness – according to your weight and sleeping habits – then it start squeaking and making noise after few months of use. But then again, most people don’t tend to do a lot of research before buying mattresses. If you are getting a mattress, make sure to find one that is suitable to your needs.


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