Best Tips To Help Stop Your Dog From Digging Up Your Garden

Dogs are a man or woman’s best friend, however sometimes like children they can push boundaries which can cause frustration for you. One of the common problems may people have when owning a dog is the fact they like to dig. Digging up the garden is generally the first place a dog will dig. This can lead to vegetable and flower destruction.

Stop Dog From Digging Up Your Garden
Stop Dog From Digging Up Your Garden

If you’re having problems with your dog digging up your garden and flowerbeds, the following is an expert guide on some of the best tips to help stop this destruction from occurring. Let’s take a look now.

Stop Your Dog From Digging Your Garden

Use Hard Top Layer Material

One of the first things you can try is layering the top of your garden bed with a hard surface material. Laying wooden stakes across the ground, thorned branches or wood chips can help to deter your pet’s digging as it’s too rough for their paws. It’s a good idea to have your dog around while laying the material so they can see there’s something different in the garden.

Chicken Wire Garden Protection

The next thing to consider is laying chicken wire down across the garden bed. To help keep plants from growing up through it, fold in over into a dome shape and drive some stakes down through it. Next tie the top of the dome to the stakes for it to keep its shape. This will help to create a strong barrier that your dog won’t be able to get through in their pursuit to dig.

Create A Digging Area For Your Dog

Dog Digging Area
Dog Digging Area

To keep your dog from digging up the garden, try making their own play and digging area. This can be done by filling a one metre by one metre sand pit full of dirt. Add some toys to the dirt sandbox so your pet knows that it’s ok to be in that location. It may take a few goes but once your pet realises that they can dig in the sandbox without getting into trouble, they will willing go there instead.

Plant Thorny Plants

As a last resort, plant thorny plants in amongst your garden to help deter your pet from digging. Once your dog finds out that there’s spikes in the garden they will stay out of it very quickly. If your pet has a special place they like to dig then it’s a good idea to place the thorns there to begin with.


Dogs in Garden
Dogs in Garden

When it comes to getting your dog to stop digging your garden, these few tips may help to get you started. Generally, dogs will dig because they’re bored, they have a bone, or they’re anxious about something. By narrowing down what is causing your pet to dig you have a better chance of really stopping your pet all together. So, are you going to use some of these tips? Did they work?

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