Wallet-Friendly Ideas for Bringing Your Small Backyard to Life

Becoming a house owner is a dream come true to many people, mostly because the house comes with a backyard, and the backyard comes with a bunch of perks. So don’t be desperate if your patio is petite – there’s plenty of things you can do to make it pretty and functional as large backyards are, all that without breaking the bank. Here are a few simple ideas to get you started.

Vintage garden furniture
Vintage furniture is always a great idea

Be smart with colours

Any space can look large and airy when the right colour scheme is used. This applies to your backyard as well, so keep your colour palette as simple as possible. Pair enhancing hues with contrasting colours or accent walls to create an optical illusion. White, pastels, sea or citrus shades – choose in accordance to your taste. Just make sure you pick two or three tones and stick to them since too many accents can make the space look chaotic, cluttered, and, consequently – small.

Think intimate, not tiny

Size is a matter of perception, so think of your yard as intimate not tiny and decorate accordingly. It’s easy to create an intimate atmosphere – you’ll need one of those simple yet stylish fire pits, a stone statue, some restored thrift chairs, and cozy blankets. Add two glasses and a bottle of nice wine, and you can have a romantic date anytime without leaving your own backyard. A soothing sound would be a nice addition so don’t worry if you don’t have space for a pond or a monumental fountain – a simple tabletop fountain or portable music player with nature sounds on it will do just fine.

Vertical planting
Vertical planting is ideal for smaller spaces

Play with optical illusions

Instead of covering your patio entirely with pergola or vine, keep it open to make it look more spacious. Cover a corner with seating and leave the rest uncovered. Another old trick for visually enhancing the space is hanging mirrors. In this case, hang them on your fence to add some depth just make sure you position them properly – they should reflect the surrounding greenery, not your house. Besides, you can add a change in elevation and create the feeling of having different sections in your tiny yard. Different flooring materials help, too, so pick several deck patterns instead of one for your backyard floor.

Greenery makes a backyard

Having a private, green oasis is a magnificent advantage of having a backyard and it can be done, regardless of the size of the space you have. To make your yard look bigger, opt for a few bigger plants and large flowerpots. Herbs for your home-made meals can be planted in tiered or stacked planters to save up space. Besides, green walls are a big hit lately in the interior design, but they make the perfect option for small outdoor gardens, too. Go vertical and save up by using things you can find in your house instead of special pots – think mason jars, coffee cans, and so on. When it comes to plant care, make sure you get all the basic required gardening tools, as well as one of those handy boom sprayers.

Garden retreat
Cozy garden retreat

Let there be light

Not only that paper lanterns, globe string lights, and torches are a great way of lighting patios when you don’t want to mess with wiring and electricity, but they’re also quite affordable. Candles are another old-fashioned way of lighting and they can be twice as useful – if you opt for those containing mosquito repellents. Paint your path rocks or flowerpots with glow-in-the-dark paint and your yard will look stunning when the night comes. If you’re not much of a DIY person, you can invest in proper commercial lighting. Remember that any option will be great, bearing in mind that lighted areas always look bigger than those kept in darkness.

It’s clear that there’s no need to break a bank to bring your backyard to life, especially when it comes to tiny backyards, so that’s another bright side. Try these ideas and your yard will turn into a lovely, stress-free zone in no time.


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