Why Should You Go for an On-Demand Water Heater

Today, no matter what you do around your home, you should always make sure you’re using energy efficient solutions. We’re talking about eco-friendly lighting options, appliances and water heaters. Green water heaters are starting to become a thing as more and more people opt for one of these for their homes. If you’ve been using a standard electric water heater, a bathroom remodeling project is the perfect opportunity to switch to an on-demand heater. If you’re still not convinced, here are a couple of reasons for doing so you should definitely check out.

Optimal Energy Efficiency

The biggest problem with standard water heaters is that they can only heat the amount of water that fits in them. Once the heater is full, the heated water stays inside of it and it keeps getting cold. This means your water heater will have to use more electricity in order to keep it hot. And the whole regulating-water lying procedure restarts as soon as you turn on the faucet. Since on-demand water heaters don’t have tanks, no energy is wasted like with the regular ones.

Tankless Heaters
Tankless Heaters are More Convenient than Coventional Models

Smooth Operation

Another great thing about tankless heaters is that they work much smoother than the standard ones. First of all, they don’t require nearly as much space as the standard water heaters. Since there’s no tank, it provides you with some extra storage space in the room you keep your water heater. Also, they heat water only when you turn the faucet on. There are special sensors which alert the computer that you had let the water run and the system starts heating it as the water starts flowing.

Choosing the Right Type

If you decide to get one of these, it’s completely up to you to choose whether you want an electric or gas heater. Your decision should depend on your needs and your budget. Gas heaters are more expensive since they are more difficult to install and maintain. Still, depending on the gas availability in your region, these can help you save much money. On the other hand, electric ones are easy to install and maintain, meaning that they are much cheaper. Whether you should opt for one of these also depends on electricity price in your region.

It Helps You Save Money

Not only that on-demand water heaters take up less space and heat the water faster, but they also help you save money. Simply because no energy goes to waste when it comes to water heating, your annual electricity saving will be higher. Whether you can benefit from one of these also depends on the number of household members and your demand for parallel use of hot water. If you decide to get an on-demand water heater, make sure you maintain it regularly, advises an experienced Monmouth County plumber. This can help you prolong its lifespan to at least 20 years.

On-demand Water Heaters
On-demand Water Heaters are both Budget-Fiendly and Green

Clever Use

Even though on-demand water heaters are great for the environment, hey can also have a negative effect on it when not used carefully. The biggest problem with these is that water that runs until the water is heated usually goes to waste. You should make sure you always collect that water and use it for something else. For example, you can use the cold water you collect to water your plants or flush the toilet. By doing this, no water will be wasted and you will still get all the hot water you needed.

Having all of this in mind, on-demand water heaters are a great choice for anyone who is looking to replace their standard water heater. Also, if you have been thinking about making your home greener, opting for a one of these is a perfect way to do so.


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