Designing a Perfect Spot for Book Lovers

Even though the number of people using e-readers is increasing, it doesn’t mean that traditional book-reading, as we now know it, will cease to exist any time soon. On the contrary, even most die-hard fans of portable readers have their own libraries and are no strangers to picking up a book from a shelf. The sight and smell of paper evoke nice memories and provide comfort to millions of book lovers throughout the world.

In order to get the most of the experience, you need to create conditions for both storing and reading books. Here are some of the things you might want to consider when it comes to creating space for keeping your precious possessions and enjoying them.

Comfy Armchairs for Readingg
Comfy Armchairs are Essential for a Good Reading Experience


Book lovers usually have a problem with storing all their books. Old books are never thrown away, but new ones just keep appearing, demanding additional storage space. Depending on the size of your collection, you might solve this problem just by adding an extra shelf on that empty space on the wall, but you may also realise that your only option is to have wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling shelves.

If you decide to build such shelves on your own, make sure you provide enough support and make them sturdy enough to sustain the weight of books. On the other hand, if you decide to seek professional help, make sure you stress the purpose of the shelves clearly, so that the experts can choose the right material.

Colour of the walls

Most people are very focused when reading and not many things can draw their attention away. Still, in order to fully enjoy the act of reading, it’s been suggested that the walls be painted in neutral and warm colours. That should help you achieve peace of mind and relax while enjoying your favourite pastime.

Whether you paint the walls or use wallpapers doesn’t make much difference, as long as you stay clear of bright colours and distracting patterns. The books on your shelves are colourful enough and need a contrast provided by shelves and walls in neutral colours.


If you are trying to imagine a home library, you’re most likely thinking of a wooden floor and a rug. Not only do rugs provide warmth, but are also used as highly decorative elements. It goes without saying that the colours of your floor need to match other colours in the room.

Cosy Nook
Cosy Nook Under Stairs is a Great Space-Saving Idea

Let there be light

Possibly the most important issue when it comes to reading is lighting. Ideally, you need a combination of natural and artificial light. The increasingly popular LED bulbs not only save energy and last longer, but they also provide the kind of light you need. Consider getting modern LED ceiling downlights, which can be pointed directly at the book you’re reading.

If the type and wattage of the lamp are not appropriate, you may find the reading experience quite tiring and strenuous, particularly to your eyes. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to invest in quality lighting.


A home library is always much more appealing and inviting if it doesn’t contain a lot of items. On the contrary, it should feature only the most essential elements, such as an armchair or a sofa and a table or a small desk. If some of your books are quite high on a shelf and can’t be easily reached, it might be a good idea to get library ladders, but remember: the less furniture you have, the more space for bookshelves, i.e. books.

Of course, just like people prefer different genres of literature, there are different preferences when it comes to the design of a home library or any other part of the home dedicated to books and reading. The great news for all book lovers is that investments in improving conditions for keeping and reading books are relatively small, especially in comparison with the pleasure gained.


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