Best Tips On How To Prepare Your Backyard For A Water Feature

Water features can make a great addition to any backyard. They come in a number of different sizes, styles, and designs that can really improve the way your backyard looks. However, before you place a large water feature in your backyard, you must first prepare the area ready to ensure the water feature is stable and works efficiently. This expert guide is designed to give you the top tips on how to prepare the backyard for a large water feature. Let’s take a look.

Backyard Water Feature
Backyard Water Feature

Tips To Get Your Backyard Ready For A Water Feature

  1. Know Where Underground Hazards Are Located

The first thing to work out is whether there’s any underground hazards that you need to be aware of. This includes underground phone lines, pipes, or electrical wiring. Generally, you should be able to find out this information from your local council. They should be able to inform you of anything that may be running underground in the area your water feature will go.

  1. Remove Any Objects From The Lawn

Before you commence with any digging, it’s important to remove any debris on your lawn that could be in the way. This includes rocks, sticks, leaves, or anything else that makes it hard to dig the surrounding area. By removing these things first, you’ll have a clear area to work with making the digging process a lot easier.

  1. Measure Out and Mark The Backyard

The next thing to consider is measuring out and marking the backyard where the water feature will go. You can use spray paint and measuring tape to get the most accurate measurements. Ensure the measurements are correct and take in any additional digging that may be required for any extra feature points you may be incorporating into the design.

  1. Dig From The Outside Inwards

When you start digging, start from the outer edge and work your way in. By digging from the outer edge and working your way in you’ll be able to evenly level your ground so the water feature is stable and on a levelled surface. If you dig in the centre first, you run the risk of your ground being uneven and sloped. Always use a spirit level to ensure the ground is even ready for your water feature.

  1. Add Stability
Home Backyard Water
Home Backyard Water

If your water feature is a large one, it’s a good idea to make the ground a little extra stable. This can be done by adding a hard surface material like crushed rocks or even old flat tiles. This will help to create additional stability if the ground features soft dirt. It can help to stop your water feature from moving over time as the ground changes.


Installing a water feature is all about preparing the ground first. By taking these tips into consideration you’ll be able to install a great water feature in your backyard that you’ll be proud of. So are you going to have a water feature installed in your backyard? You can visit EVM Australia if you are looking to buy earth movers for your garden.


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