How to choose Glass Balustrade Panel to enhance look of your house?

Glass balustrade panels have become a popular choice of many home owners across the globe in our times. The panels are specially designed for increased strength and good looks. The glass panels are manufactured by using controlled thermal treatments that help in getting high quality balustrades. The tough glass panels have layers of safety foil between the layers of the glass which makes it better in quality and finish.

It is all because of the properties the glass panels have like high strength and amazing look, these are great options providing high protection outside in form of safety fencing.

Ways to choose glass balustrades

Glass Balustrade Panel
Glass Balustrade Panel

 There are basically three factors to consider when you decide on getting glass balustrade panels for the house. You need to consider the height of the panels, the looks it will provide to your setup and the strength that you can get.

  • Many glass balustrades are frameless and so there is no need for any clamps to be attached to them. But if there are posts to connect to, you need to make sure that there are appropriate clamps for the same. The fittings for wooden posts are different from that of the metal posts. Getting wrong fittings can damage the panels if there is too much of pressure. The clamps may differ for glass balustrades for different size of posts.
  • The thickness of the glass is another important consideration that you need to give when choosing the glass balustrades. There are wide ranges of thickness available in the market. The glass balustrades can be fixed to a staircase, swimming pool, balconies and so on. So you need to consider the kind of application you are using it for and then decide on the appropriate thickness of the glass. For example, you will need thick glass for your balconies because here you tend to lean on when enjoying your time here.
  • Design of the glass balustrade is a crucial aspect when it comes to the looks of your setup. You will need a clear glass for the areas of you swimming pool because you will need to have clear vision on what’s happening in your swimming pool area. This helps you to give a good watch to these areas especially when you are having a party or features like these in your home.
Glass Balustrade-Panel
Glass Balustrade-Panel
  • Glass balustrades come in various styles as well. You can also get the balustrades with some paintings on it or you can get the glass glazed. You need to consider the kind of interior or exterior you have and only then opt for an option that you find is best suited for your needs.
  • Consider the cost of the glass balustrades. There are many sellers available in the market and the cost varies from one seller to the other and so you need to make sure that you compare well and only opt for the one that is most affordable. You can request quote from different sellers and compare it with the installation cost of the same, and then make the appropriate purchasing decision.
  • Go for the reputed brands as this will ensure that you only get the best of service and durability for many years to come. You may need to spend a little extra money on this but you can be sure that you will get the best product.

The above mentioned points will help you in choosing the right glass balustrade panels for your setup. So look around, compare and consider the points above to make the right decision.


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