Principles Of Interior Design

You need to have the services of an interior design company  to create the mood you want inside your house. It also reflects the personality of your family members. There are a few major principles that decide upon the interior design of your house. You need to decide the way you would like to arrange your room. If you are sure about it and convey the same to the professional designer company, they will be able to create the wanted ambiance through their creative works of the design.

 interior design

interior design

Here are the principles that govern the way the space planning services professionals create the style:

Function: The function of the decoration process is not just for making the room more appealing to the eye. There are more parts to it.

  • Focal point: Some of the rooms already have a focal point created. These are the points that attract the maximum attention when you go into a room. If such appoint is not there, it needs to be created.
  • Furniture: The furniture should be befitting for the room. If it is very large or small with regards to the rooms, it should not be kept inside the room.
  • Lighting: The lighting that is to be used again depends on the functions for which the room is to be used. You may require a direct lighting or a diffused one. Effects of lighting can enhance the overall impact of the room details.
  • Arrangement of furniture: The furniture must be arranged in a balanced manner throughout the room. The interior design consultants can suggest the type of furniture that will be suitable for each particular room.

Mood: There are different factors that are responsible for the creation of the mood of the room.

  • Object of inspiration: There has to be an object that will create the inspiration for the theme, hue and the designs. This object will create a feel good factor when looked at. This is the main items that will guide the formation of the other features related to the mood.
  • Theme: The home or the office all must have a theme. The color and the other items required for the decoration will follow the theme. This will also create a harmony among the different design elements.
  • Color: The color of the room is often decided by the choice of the theme. The different patterns that are used also make use of the color. There are 3 color choices that create the effects-the primary, secondary and the accent colors.
  • Patterns: There are diverse patterns such as floral, stripes, etc. that are to be used with the theme. Patterns can also be mixed.
  • Texture: Uniform texture may not make the look interesting. It would be best to go for a combination of textures.
  • Furniture: The furniture must be in accordance with the theme of the room. If requires you can change the cover or the paint to look more meaningful.

Personality: This is the personal touch of yours in the room. Since you would be using the room, this personal touch is essential for the satisfaction.

The strategies for personalizing are:

  • Accessorizing: you can use different items like a flower vase or paintings or your choice.
  • Fancy: It can be anything as per your whims and fancies. This will add to your satisfaction.
  • Bizarre: You can even decorate with something quite unconventional such as a sparkling ceiling.

These are the principles that are followed in general for the decoration of any type of room, in the home or the office.


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