Update Your Bathroom and Bedroom with Laminate Flooring

You can enjoy the latest flooring trends like pitted metal, realistic stones or textured wood – all using laminate flooring designs. These laminate flooring consists of flooring which is made in layers. The bottom layer is called the backing layer and it resists moisture preventing the boards from warping. Above the backing layer is the layer which is known as the inner core. This is made from fiberboard which has a high density.

Laminate Flooring
Laminate Flooring

It is reinforced using special resin and so there is an increased moisture resistance. This also increases the durability of this flooring. Above this is the image design layer. At this layer the high resolution images of stone, metal, wood or other material appears. On this layer the texture is applied as well and is the layer that gives the flooring an aesthetic appeal. The next layer is the wear layer. This protects the design layer from scratches, fading and damage due to normal wear and tear.

These floorings are affordable alternates to using hardwood. Installing these laminate floors are also easy and can be done as part of a DIY project by the homeowner. It has tongue and groove planks and these have to be clicked into one another. There is glue backing which is provided as well which helps in installation. These laminates float over the floor on which is a film or foam underlayment. This reduces moisture and sound as well. There is a gap of 0.039 inches between these boards and the walls and this allows the flooring to expand.

Laminate Flooring
Laminate Flooring

These laminate flooring are a preferred option for bedrooms and bathrooms since:

  1. They are very versatile and are available in not only various colors and shades but styles, patterns, designs and textures as well. There are various choices of these floors to choose from.
  2. These floorings are durable and do not break or crack under pressure or when something hard is dropped on it, unlike clay or glass tiles.
  3. They are easy to clean as they do not have grooves. Most of these floorings have smooth textures and so spills and dirt do not stick easily to it.
  4. They are less expensive to install. They can even be done by the home owner himself or herself.
  5. They are very affordable as they are manufactured in the form of thin sheets. These are much more affordable than tiles which need individual cutting and squaring.
  6. They are easy to install and can be installed either with or without glue. There is also installing in the form of tongue and groove system of locking.
  7. Laminate flooring is easy to pick up and uninstall at any time since they are not glued to the ground. You can replace it with any other new flooring system very easily.
  8. Laminate flooring can withstand a pressure of 200 pounds per square inch and are designed for heavy traffic or walking.
  9. It gives the same look as a hardwood floor but it costs a fraction of what the hardwood floor costs.
  10. Laminate floors do not fade in sunlight and are resistant to stains and impacts, as well as scratches.
  11. It does not require waxing or polishing. All it requires is a broom or vacuum followed by using a mop or damp cloth.
  12. Due to the airtight locking mechanism and the fact that it has a plastic exterior, there is a shield of moisture and so it is very sanitary.

All these benefits should motivate you to think about laminate flooring for your bathroom or bedroom.


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