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Nesting Necessities: Winter Edition

Nesting Necessities: Winter Edition

With the winter in its full swing, our desire to curl up into a warm nook of our sweet home, grab a good book and take a cup of warm chocolate is only growing. Think about it: you can watch snowflakes dancing ballet through the window, enjoy quiet moments of solitude, or if you are more up for a modern nesting style, binge watch your favorite TV show with a bowl of popcorns. Feeling the urge to upgrade your home with cozy winter necessities? You’re in luck, since it is a very easy project that will be over before you say jingle bells.

Winter Has Only One Color

There is only one color (or the absence of it) we associate with winter, and that is white. Painting the walls white would be the most effective way to evoke the wintery feel in your home, but if you really don’t feel like tackling such major projects right now, you can always cover up the furniture with white covers, and perhaps paint the wooden pieces white.

Enrich the Room with Texture

Colors will only get you so far, but layering textures will instantly give you that extra dimension that will make the room more interesting. Start with a soft rug (you’ve guessed it, a white rug, preferably faux fur), but don’t stop at one, layer another one – warmer – on top of it. Other things you can use to give your room that wintery pizzazz are patterned throw pillows, chenille blankets, woven baskets, weathered woods, etc.

Make the Light Just Right

Is it us, or sunlight in winter is brighter than during the summer? It really is so, since the sun rays reflect over the bright surface of snow and thus create a stronger impact. Allowing a lot of natural light inside is the first thing you should do. As for the artificial sources, the lighting you are aiming for should be bright, yet pleasant, so layering several different sources will work best. An overhead chandelier with cool light shade combined with warmer sources will perfectly enhance the ambient you are trying to achieve.

Design a Cozy Nook

Design a Cozy Nook
Design a Cozy Nook

If the entire room is too much for you or if you just want to have one nook meant only for relaxing, you can visually separate it from the rest of the room with an area rug, different furniture (a book shelf is a must) and accessories. To make it out of sight, you can use a dressing screen. In open spaces where the entire family gathers, that is sometimes not enough to get your seasonal dose of privacy and peace. To get your quiet retreat after all, you can install partition aluminum sliding doors.

Something to Keep You Warm

A bunch of blankets will fit in the wintery vibe nicely

Winter evenings can be chilly, and although you can always turn up the heating, there’s nothing quite like tucking yourself in a warm soft blanket. The only thing that can ruin the pleasure is having to get up and go get a blanket from the closet. We have the perfect solution for that problem. Place a blanket on every bed, designer sofa, armchair, sitting space and you can even put several small ones onto the dining room chairs. This will not look as silly as you imagine. On the contrary, a bunch of blankets will fit in the wintery vibe nicely.

Play That Winter Card a Bit More

Have you figured out by now that winter is an inexhaustible source of inspiration? And although you can use the holiday season to adorn your house with Christmas ornaments and garlands, you can create a more permanent seasonal décor, by using winter alone as a topic. Some of them can be easily made in a matter of minutes. Decorate the room with candle pillars made from cinnamon sticks, starry lights on dead branches, pine cones, a wreath of dried branches, vases covered with cozy sweater sleeves, glass vases filled with salt, and paper snowflakes.

After you have treated your home with all the wintery necessities, you can sit back, cover up with your cozy blanket, take a cup of hot tea, and read a good book, while Dean Martin’s “Baby It’s Cold Outside” plays in the background. There is nothing quite like that feeling, right?


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