6 Interior Design Trends That Could Ruin Your House Sale

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Design Trends That Could Ruin Your House Sale

The most popular interior design photos on Pinterest are not always the best choice for styling a home that will be listed for sale. The real estate market has other trends that are, very often, in terms of interior design, “dated” or even more often “boring”. Insisting on the hottest interior design trend in a property you intend to sell can, therefore, often backfire by lowering the property price, or even worse, making the buyers move on and keep looking for another property that matches their needs. Without further ado, here are some interior design trends that a potential buyer will consider to be too much.

Concrete Floors

Concrete/cement floors have lately been an obsession of interior designers, but, believe it or not, they are not so popular amongst home buyers. They will especially turn off families with kids (too cold and too loud). Most of home buyers would rather decide for hardwood floors that never go out of vogue, because they look amazing, provide enough warmth and noise-dampening.

Hardwood floors never go out of vogue

Too Open Plan

Home buyers quite frequently look for open floor plan when searching for a property, but what happens when you take it too far? Well, you end up with a bathtub at the middle of the master bedroom. No matter how appealing that might be for you and interior design community, people who are searching their forever-home want functional bathrooms that provide privacy.

Converted Rooms/Spaces

Your home should match your personality, which means that it is usually adapted to your needs; for example, you can have a space for working out, a place for arts and crafts, etc. Home buyers couldn’t care less about that, and they want rooms with their original purposes (a garage for cars, a bedroom for sleeping, etc.). One of the biggest design trends for 2017, for instance, is escapism (a room designed as a natural retreat). Although this can be interesting to a certain number of buyers, most of them will simply start looking for another property.

Too Trendy Colors

Trendy Colors
Add trendy colors in accents

Sure, we all love Pantone’s color of the year 2017 – Greenery – and we’ve all loved, adored, and worshiped last year’s twin colors Rose Quartz and Serenity, but bathing your home in these really distinct shades wouldn’t be as appealing to buyers. You can, however, paint the walls in neutral shades and add trendy colors in accents, with throw pillows, area rugs, vases, etc. You would be surprise how a little of thoughtful home styling can increase sale price.


Wallpapers are back in the game, and many of them look absolutely amazing. Still, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if they feature striking design, such as bold patterns, glossy finishes or something very specific (e.g. chintz). If the first thing a buyer thinks about is how hard it will be to remove the annoying wallpaper, forget about getting a good price, or even getting one at all.

Wallpapers are back in the game

Statement Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are great décor features. A crystal chandelier in the dining room can enhance the dining experience all together. Retro a-la-Mad-Men pendant lights above the kitchen island can give that mid-century modern vibe to your home, but will the buyers like it? It’s a gamble, really. Showpiece light fixtures should be avoided, because they can end up outshining the rest of the design, for better or for worse.

In the end, high-maintenance things will always be major turnoffs for buyers, so stay clear of wall-to-wall carpeting, pools, hot tubs, and a large lawn. If you get the facts through real estate websites, you will notice that buyers want the most classical property out there, where they can picture themselves living. And if one day they want to convert some room or add a pool, they will do it on their own.


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