Giving Your Home that Art Gallery Feel

Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it. – Robert Motherwell

Keeping artwork in your house can not only elevate its décor, but also add flare to your lifestyle in general. If collecting artwork is your hobby and you like to display it in your home, than you should consider storage designs that would complement your artworks the best. Also, it is important to decide on the combination of different art styles, wall selection and the final outlook. It might sound overwhelming at first, but we’ll give you a few tips that should keep you on the right track.

Create Your Collection

First you have to collect all your artworks in one place and decide on assembling some of them into a collection that will adorn your wall. The goal is to create a somewhat cohesive whole that will tell a unique story. You can experiment with different art forms and styles, but you shouldn’t go too far with experimenting. For example, Polaroid photographs and Renaissance paintings would be quite out there. After you have chosen your artworks and created a harmonic collection, you can move on to choosing the adequate frames. Experiment with different colors, shapes and sizes to put your personal stamp on the collection.

art and furniture
A harmonious marriage of art pieces and furniture

Choose Spaces Wisely

Sure, the exposed artworks are the visible results of your décor proficiency, but it is the wall behind them that will essentially determine the way you are going to display art and the number of frames that will find their place on it. The best candidates for an art gallery wall are large and vacant walls, such as a vast living room wall, staircase wall, or one in the hallway. If you lack large empty walls, no problem. Go for some more unconventional choice, such as the area above china holding cabinets or even two corner walls.

Store Properly

Your collection should be properly protected and perfectly organized. Quality frames can usually do the trick, but when it comes to much chunkier pieces, you can use alternatives such as mobile art racks. This way, your artworks will be secured with a sturdy steel frame and you are also getting a new decorative feature in the form of pallet racks.

Have a Displaying Plan

You have to have some form of general setting in your mind before you start displaying the images. You should have a dominant hue and matching shades. You can sprinkle some neutral tones here and there. A straightforward color range will allow you to experiment with different styles of frames (e.g. modern metallic and vintage wooden). As for the lighting option, going for LED canopy and ceiling lights will offer you plenty of opportunities to display all the pieces of your collection properly.

home lighting
Proper lighting is vital for displaying works of art

Other Things to Consider

Art, as an expression of one’s creativity, is subject to personal interpretation, so if you have some quirky idea about the display, shapes or combinations, go for it, as long as it makes sense to you. If you are displaying works of different sizes, the easiest way to organize them is to first hang the largest work either at the centre and work around it or at the bottom left side and continue to the right. When you just want to try out several different looks, use photocopied versions of your artworks and painter’s tape to see how they would appear when hanged.

Test It Before You “Nail” It

Hammering nails into your walls can leave ugly holes, and if you change your mind after you’ve already done that, it will be too late to cover them up. So, use the tip we gave above to test a couple of different arrangements before you make your final selection. Observe them from several different points in the house and at a distance, and if you still can’t decide, ask for a friend’s opinion.

It doesn’t matter if you own seriously expensive and appreciated arts, modest art collections or you just want to display your family photos, you can use these tips to create a beautiful gallery wall in the comfort of your home and enjoy art every day.


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