How to Create a Cat-Friendly Home

If you’ve decided to get yourself a feline friend, it means your home will have to go through some decorating modifications. Cats love to climb, walk around and scratch basically everything, so be prepared for some serious interior design changes and the life with damaged furniture. Nevertheless, your four-legged friend deserves a comfortable home, so make sure to enhance your place with various shelving, ramps, or even an outdoor shelter your pet will enjoy.

Cat at the window

Go High

Cats love to climb to high spaces, so you can use the most of your vertical space and adapt it to fit the cat’s needs. Make sure the cat can walk freely around the house and install some vertical shelving. What’s more, if you have small children that may play on the floor, this is an excellent location for cat’s hangout because it won’t come anywhere near the little ones.

Consider constructing a vertical cat climbing tree decorate it appropriately so that your cat can feel comfortable inside. This is a great solution for small studio apartments that have unused corners. You won’t have to sacrifice some of the previously used space for making your pet comfortable. A lofty cat tree can have hidey-holes and snooze zones shaded by branches, so the feline will have all the necessary privacy. Provide the cat with a nice view to the outside, and place the cat tree near the window. Additionally, wall shelves, ramps, and walkways are great option for the cat to enjoy the overhead space. Construct shelves specifically for the cat, and choose those with a non-slip surface.

Cats Love Privacy

Cats hate to be bothered while they eat, sleep, or use the litter box, so it’s important to create a secluded nook for them. Try to make it somewhere away from the foot traffic area, so that the cat can have its meal in peace. A corner behind the sofa can be a good location, as well as the inside of a cupboard or wardrobe. Those could be great hideaways, and felines will be comfortable away from the all the people. A litter box screen can be a great alternative, if you can’t spare cupboards or you live in a small apartment.

Safety First

Cats are reckless and can easily harm themselves, if they run into a dangerous chemical or trip over a cord. Therefore, be sure to cat-proof your home, by putting all the cleaning products and toxic chemicals in cabinets and secure all the cords as well. Plants can also be toxic for a cat, so be sure to keep them only in corners of the room that your pet won’t have access to.

outdoor cat homeOutdoor Home

A house with a big backyard and garden can perfectly accommodate another miniature home for a pet. The outdoor home for your cat will provide the pet with the opportunity to enjoy a fresh air and sunlight, without being in danger of traffic or other hazards. Enable the feline with an easy access to the indoors and install a special cat door that will connect the pet house with your home. Invest in a waterproof climbing structure, and a cozy garden chair for the utmost comfort. Furnish the little home with food bowls, cat beds, toys, and get your feline friend some gorgeous cat accessories that’ll make the pet look stylish.

Your home can easily become a cat-friendly zone. With a couple of interior modifications, every home can be the perfect sanctuary for a cat. Learn what cats prefer and invest in some good climbing structures to provide your feline with many things to do. Follow the previous suggestions and you’ll have a home that your cat will adore and never feel constricted at.


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