7 bedroom upgrades that won’t hurt your budget

It’s that time of the year again: new goals and promises to achieve as the new year unfold before our eyes. Though it’s not yet spring, this is the perfect time to have a fresh start with home cleaning and organization, as well as room upgrades. For most of us, our private sanctuary, the bedroom, deserves the most upgrade since it’s where we spend our time resting and laying on the bed to binge-watch our favorite shows and movies. It’s the space in the home where we can be quirky without thinking about it too much; it’s the space where we feel free to reflect our personality.

bedroom upgrades
bedroom upgrades

There’s no more perfect time than now to transform your bedroom into a more relaxing one and come home to a space that shows your personality. Time to spruce up your bedroom! Here are a handful of tips how you can easily do so without emptying your wallet:

Reposition your bed. One easy way to make your room seem brand new is to reposition your bed and/or rearrange all the furniture. There’s no rule in the book that your bed should always be positioned leaning against the wall. Yes, it’s what people was accustomed to but yes, you can position it in such a way the bed is by the window with a small space in between. It’s a perfect setup for a book nook.

Rearrange your artwork or change the frames. What’s your walls like? Are there no artworks displayed? Too little? Too much? How does it make you feel when you look at it?

It’s about time to put up your artworks, photographs, and whatnot on display! If you have mismatched frames and got tired looking at it, try replacing it with similar frames to make it feel like a real art gallery. If it’s the other way around, go for mismatched frames or play with washi tapes to present a more experimental and artistic style. There are even so-called DIY art hangers you can try!

Upgrade the walls with tapestries.

bedroom wall upgrades
bedroom wall upgrades

If you’re not much a fan of a gallery of artworks and looking to bring the wall against your bed alive, you may want to consider putting up a tapestry as an alternative. That’s if you don’t have a ny headboards. Not only does this require little effort but also doesn’t cost that much and for those living in apartments, it’s totally renter-friendly.

Let your bedding do the work. Not many pay attention to bed covers; it’s arguably one of the best and easy ways to set the mood for the whole room. Others are satisfied with plain white sheets. This year, promise to make a bold statement with your linens.

What to drop a pinch of sultry into your room? Cover your bed in various shades of red. Want a more calming and relaxing effect? Green, taupe, or beige are perfect linen color choices for this.

Make a statement with your pillows. No matter how plenty or few pillows you have there sitting in your room, it’s always a great and fun idea to decorate your pillows, which then would bring color to the room!

Replace your old plain pillow or throw covers with patterned ones. If you’re up for a DIY project, it’s always nice to have crafted covers that adds value to the space. It’s a creative way to finishing up the mood and look of your room.

Bring the nature in. Ever thought how idle your space looks; always have that underlying feeling of wanting a connection with nature from the inside? Add a houseplant by the side table or on your work table.

bedroom houseplant side table
bedroom houseplant side table

Not only will it make the room more alive and breathing a touch of greenery but it’s also one way to clean the air you inhale, deter any possible illness, and believe it or not, boost your productivity.

Clear the clutter. And ultimately, an obvious and no cost way to upgrade your bedroom is to purge your stuff and dispose of all the unnecessary mess, knickknacks; and stir clear of clutter. Maintain a neat and organized space.

What’s your home organization or promises to make and keep this year? We’d like to know. Share it with us!

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