7 Tips for an amazing bathroom renovation

Numerous things can go wrong during a bathroom renovation. First and foremost, there is always a chance that your contractor will make some mistake affecting bathroom’s functionality.  Small plumbing blunder (which may be hard to notice) and you will have a problem until the next renovation. But, there are also some things that can go wrong in terms of design. We all have certain desires when it comes to bath’s appearance. Unfortunately, when everything is said and done, it may not look precisely how we envisioned it.

bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation

This is why you need to check these 7 tips which will help you renovate your bathroom without a mistake.

Construction tips

If you wish, you can even change dimensions of your bathroom. Tearing down the walls is rather easy and can go a long way. However, there are other things you can try. For example, you can create small holes in the walls which can serve for storing cosmetic products. You can create purely decorative dents. Do not think about your bath as a cube. It can take any form you want.


If you don’t have windows, add some. If you have them, add some more. Windows are one of the smartest bathroom solutions. Not only do they ventilate the room, they also illuminate it. In other words, sunlight helps dry it out preventing formation of mold.

Always think about the design

Ideally, your bath should be both functional and pretty. In reality, this is often hard to pull off due to the space limitation. If you had to choose, perhaps it’s better to opt for the design. Simply put, bathroom should serve as a relaxation room. Some of its functions (place where you put make-up) can be removed and some other room can be used for it.

Get the right lights

bathroom white lights
bathroom white lights

Most of the homeowners still use yellow lights which are simply hideous. If you are opting for a modern, stylish bathroom, it is much better to use white lights. Additionally, colored lights (such as dark blue or maroon) can be used efficiently if rest of the design is in place.

Tiles are the basis

Even with all other modifications, tiles are and will remain the most important aspect of any bathroom. All other elements are used to complement tiles and further emphasize the overall design of the bath. When picking tiles, you should always have several options in mind. Perhaps the best advice is to pick one plain set of tiles and a complex one. The biggest problem with tiles is either overdoing it or not doing enough. If you choose only plain tiles, your bathroom will look plain. If you choose tiles with intricate design, it will be hard to the eyes. Mix of these two is the optimal solution.

Prioritize shower stall

Everybody likes hot tubs. Unfortunately, in most cases, they are a poor choice. Unless you have a stylish, classy bathroom, you should almost always pick shower stalls. Hot tubs can also be great if you are able to build the entire place around them. Otherwise, they might feel as a big piece which is totally disconnected from the rest of the design.

Avoid clutter at all costs

One of the worst things for your bathroom is clutter. Having too much stuff can be disastrous as it conceals your tiles and other elements. In order to make the best impression, make sure that your main bath elements are exposed and noticeable.

Now, you are ready for the renovation! Although you have all the necessary tips, make sure to consult an architect before you start the process. You should also check this very detailed guide on the topic. He will provide some valuable insights and may point out certain mistakes.


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