A Cheval Mirror For Upgrading Your Home And Style

Picking the perfect mirror can seem like a daunting task.  This is especially true when there are so many different types and options to choose from.  Luckily there is one gem that always makes a statement.  The cheval mirror has looks and features that make it a choice that can’t be overlooked.

It’s The Differences That Make Them Special

cheval mirror
cheval mirror
cheval mirrors
cheval mirrors

These mirrors are quite unique.  Unlike other types they have four legs that allow them to stand up on their own. It is actually these legs which originally gave them their name as cheval can be translated to, “horse,” in French.  That’s not the extent of their special features.  They are also designed so that they glass can be tilted and most are large enough so that you can see your entire reflection.  Because of this you won’t have to find a full length cheval mirror because almost all of them are already are.

Looks To Die For

Of course their one of a kind features and looks provides you with a chance to use cheval mirrors for more than one function.  Because they can tilt and are full length in size they are unbeatable for use as a dressing mirror.  But they also are so attractive that they can be used as a focal point too.  So regardless of whether you would like something to use when getting ready each day, a gorgeous piece of décor, or both they are a smart choice.  Many consumers find them so good looking that they purchase them for use just as a decorative piece of décor.  But of course what you use yours’ for is up to you and your needs.

Storage For Your Accessories

In fact, there is another use that one type of cheval in particular can offer and that is storage.  A cheval jewelry mirror looks very similar to your average model, yet it has a hollow core.  When it is opened you have all the compartments necessary to keep your collection neat and organized.  This also means free of annoying tangles as well of course which can save serious amounts of time and frustration on a daily basis. And because you are dealing with a full length mirror with jewelry storage there should be more than enough space to keep your entire collection inside even if it is quite extensive.

Fortunately for those who have preferences that lean more toward vintage style there are endless antique options to pick from.  Choosing an authentic antique cheval mirror is an easy way to create a focal point in any room but also a topic of conversation.  Because these can range widely in price there are really mirrors for every budget.  You may be able to find some locally depending on where you live. If not, don’t forget to try the internet where steep discounts are plentiful.

As you can clearly see, there are many cheval mirror choices to pick from. With the special looks and features they provide by adding one to your home you’ll be sure to not only get a piece of décor that you love but that gets a ton of compliments as well!


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