Grow Green – Using Led Lights in Your Indoor Garden

The correct use of grow lights plays a crucial role in indoor gardening. One of the biggest concerns regarding grow lights is their impact on the environment. High-pressure sodium and metal halide lamps are popular grow lights that can be used in most indoor growing environments. However, these lights have a serious drawback: mainly these lights consume a lot of power and waste energy given off as excess heat.

LED grow light
LED grow light

As a replacement to these power hungry lights, there are other options available in the market such as fluorescent lamps and LED grow lights. Fluorescent lamps consume very little energy and can be used for small scale growing. However, fluorescent lights fail to produce crops on a larger scale. A recent development for indoor-growing is the LED grow light. LED grow lights have garnered a lot of praised and earned a huge market in the indoor growing industry. Environmentalists advocate the use of LED lights for indoor gardening. These lights are revolutionizing indoor gardening and are becoming more an more popular.

What Are Led Grow Lights And Why Are They So Popular?

LED grow lights work with the same principle as any other LED light. They are composed of a semiconductor through which electric charge passes upon switching on. These lights are extremely power efficient and use very little energy. They greatly reduce your electricity bill as compared to growing with HID bulbs.

Another feature of LED lights that makes them so popular is that they produce very little heat. The large amount heat released by the HID lights has a detrimental effect on plants. Therefore, it is necessary to install a heat management system in your garden when growing with HID lights.

LED lights allow you to provide a tailored spectrum of light. This means that the highest quality lights will have a perfect blend light spectrum required by the plants. This ensures that plants grow effectively hence leading to healthier growth and greater yield.

The Positive Impact of Led Lights On The Environment

450 watt led grow light
450 watt led grow light

One of the biggest advantages of LED lights is their positive impact on the environment. With the current energy crisis that we are facing today, it makes sense to use an energy efficient grow light that does not waste energy. LED lights such as the ones from dorm grow led not only consume less energy, but give off very little heat and provide a tailored light spectrum that results in better yields.

In today’s world where we face an energy crisis and global warming, LED lights provide a ray of hope for the future generations to come. Not only have these lights changed the face of indoor gardening they have also paved the way for a bright and green future for indoor gardening.


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