3 Designer Radiators to Spruce up Your Home’s Interior

When you’re planning, building, or improving the interior of your home, both form and function are equally important. This goes for radiators as well as sofas, coffee tables, and flooring.

Contrary to what many people commonly believe, designer radiators aren’t as expensive as you may think. This means almost anyone can dramatically improve their home by investing in some really unique radiators to suit any décor and taste.

Classic Horizontal Wall Radiator
Classic Horizontal Wall Radiator

To help all you of you out there who are looking to improve the aesthetics and function of your rooms at home, we’ve picked out some of the best radiator designs we could find from scouring all over the net.

The Classic Horizontal Wall Radiator

They may be fairly common in modern apartments, but there’s a good reason why. A good horizontal wall radiator slips in well with almost any interior design; it also conserves space in your room so you have more space for more furniture.

These radiators come in a range of different designs and colours so you can pick and choose what suits the rest of your decor. Consider going with a smooth flat panel radiator to give your home a modern feel, or perhaps go with a dark anthracite colour radiator which will mesh well with a dark-colour interior.

Check out the plethora of these types of radiators on Pinterest, the variation is astounding!

The Sleek Column Wall Radiator

Column wall radiators are all the rage in modern apartments these days, and it’s no wonder why as so many of the designs out there are extremely pleasing to the eye. One of the best things about this type of radiator is that it draws attention for looking unique no matter what type of design you decide on.

You get a lot of choice when you decide to choose a column wall radiator. Get a futuristic/modern feel going on in the bathroom with a mirror step column radiator, or make a bold statement with a crimson red metal column radiator in the bedroom.

The great thing about these types of radiators is that you can often customise them in terms of colour, width, and number of bars. They are also not that much more expensive than their regular horizontal brethren, take a look for yourself.

The Shiny Towel-Warming Wall Radiator

Let’s face it, regardless of the design of your bathroom, who wouldn’t want a shiny new towel-warming radiator?

Towel-Warming Wall Radiator
Towel-Warming Wall Radiator

These are a fan-favourite right now for two main reasons; they keep your towels nice and toasty, and they look fantastic in the bathroom. Most people opt for a chrome metal wide bar look when they have this type of radiator installed, however, there is much more variety out there than many people realise.

Think about the shape and colour of the radiator in particular, you could push the boat out by choosing a C-shaped anthracite towel radiator that will look perfect in a black and white themed bathroom. You could also consider a flat chrome towel radiator with multiple separated bars for hanging up multiple different towels, a great solution when sharing your home with others.

Check out some of these exciting designs that will spruce up your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Which Radiator Should I Buy?

There are a lot of unique and attractive radiator designs out there; we’ve covered just a couple of them here. We recommend having a thorough look through what is on offer which falls into the three types we’ve spoken about, then moving onto more unconventional ideas if none of them take your fancy.

We hope you find a really great radiator design to suit the design of your home interior.


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