Materials That Can Be Used In Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks have become integral parts of the kitchen. They are helpful in safeguarding the walls or cabinets from the heat, moisture, oils etc. In most setups, these are installed behind the cooking stove or the washing sink. However, there is a wrong impression that the splashbacks come in boring designs. You can certainly add some color and zing to your kitchen by picking the right designs. But, it is important that you understand the basic material so that you can work with the right color and patterns. It is important that you go through the options in detail so that installation is smooth.

Kitchen Splashbacks
Kitchen Splashbacks

Here Is a List of Materials That You Can Think Of Using In Your Kitchen Splashbacks

  • Tiles: This is the most common option that people pick for their kitchen as splashbacks. You will find ample variety of colors and patterns to pick from if you aim to have a customized design for your kitchen splashback. While you might think that they stand out to be the best option to keep the water off the wall, but they can be tricky to maintain. One might have to put in a lot of efforts to keep the tiles dirt and stain free.
  • Stainless Steel: This material is relatively modern and chic for kitchen splashbacks. After tiles, this turns out to be a clean choice for kitchen splashbacks. But, you need to be extremely specific while maintaining it. Stainless steel can also reflect fingerprints; water stains etc. if one is not careful about it. You may also not come across many designs or colors to choose from. So, if you are looking for something neat and basic, this should be your choice.
  • Copper: You can pep up the look of your kitchen and at the same time protect the walls and cabinets with the copper kitchen splashbacks. One can choose from the glamorous, polished copper to weathered, rustic sheets. Also, the user has the freedom to play around the designs. In fact, if you wish, you can choose to cross combine different materials along with this one and create a beautiful pattern. When it comes to maintenance, you will find it a bit tedious but worth the effort.
  • Benchtop: This material might sound a bit unusual for kitchen splashbacks but it can also allow you to come up with an interesting design. If you wish to design the space artistically, you can think of the benchtop as your option. There are interesting ways to spice up the simple plank that you intend to use as the splashback. Think of laminating it or putting a thin veneer stone. Also, you can use it along with other materials to put up a good pattern.
  • Timber: Just like the benchtop, timber is known to help you give a beautiful effect. But, one has to take a lot of care to maintain it. One will have to ensure that the timber is sealed properly so that the water does not damage it much. So, the purpose of having the kitchen splashbacks is to protect the kitchen walls and cabinets is slightly compromised here as you will need to take care of splashbacks as well.
  • Exposed Brick: If you wish to give a good texture to your kitchen, then you should go for the exposed brick. You can create a rough surface depending on the colors that you choose. Most importantly, if you wish to create an industrial look for your kitchen section, you can go ahead with this material. It is relatively easier to maintain this material as well.

There are several other materials like the mirror, marble, glass, acrylic etc. that you can choose from it. However, the above-discussed ones are the popular ones.


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