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Choose Perfect Lighting for Your Living Room

People seldom walk into a room and take a moment to appreciate how the light diffuses or notice the precise angle at which lamps are placed. On the other hand, the moment you walk into a room, you can feel good and comfortable in it, or you can feel trapped. Light can greatly influence our mood and well-lit rooms usually make us feel at ease. However, not every room is blessed with plenty of natural light, and natural light doesn’t last 24 hours, so it’s important to choose the perfect lighting which will look great in your living room.


Retro style

Decide what works for you

It’s important to know what kind of light you want but also what kind of light the room needs. Do you have a lot of furniture? Is it a spacious or a bit smaller room? Will you be spending a lot of time there? These questions should help you narrow down the possible lighting options to a couple of those which will be the best. Arching floor lamps are always a good option since they diffuse light beautifully, and they can be elegant and modern. It’s best if they are placed in a corner which will allow you to save some space in the room as well. Bigger lamps should be paired with smaller ones, which can be placed next to the armchair or couch and used for reading.

Mix StyleFeel free to mix it up

Have you considered mixing floor and table lighting? Of course, a lot of it depends on the size of your living room, but you will get the best results if you have both floor and table lighting in the room. Also, you can mix styles and colors as well – imagine having lamps with intricately painted shades, which you made yourself. In addition to different shades, you can mix different wattage bulbs thus creating a lovely atmosphere with some brightly lit corners, and others which are a bit darker and mysterious.

Know your angles

You should also get the scale right, since overhead lighting will be a breathtakingly beautiful touch but only if it’s done right. Choosing perfect ceiling lights can be tricky. For example, will sparkling crystals be too much or will they look elegant and sophisticated? Ceiling lights do not have to be the sole lighting source – instead, they can simply add a distinct focal point to the room. Combine ceiling lights with floor and table lamps to create a soft and warm atmosphere instead of a sterile and too bright one.

Dimmer lampsAlways add a dimmer

Dimmers are the best option when it comes to rooms with more than one purpose, like living rooms and bathrooms. They will allow you to be flexible, and depending on the time of the day, the kind of event you’re hosting, or even your mood – they will allow you to have the best light at all times. Even though dimmers are simple, you shouldn’t do any serious electrical work yourself. There is probably an available electrician 24 hours a day, so if there is anything wrong with your lighting, you should not hesitate to call them. Electricians will also tell you that dimmers are a worthwhile investment since they reduce energy consumption and make your bulbs last longer.

It’s important to remember that details matter; the size and shape of lamps, candles, and chandeliers can make the room look elegant and spacious, or ‘stuffed’. Know what your living room needs, and don’t hesitate to experiment and try out something new. After all, improvisation and innovation with lighting will allow you to freshen up your living room in the blink of an eye.



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