How to fix up your new house before moving in

People can be reluctant to hurry up and move everything they own into their new house. But this might be the perfect chance to prepare that new house for moving in. It is easier to work, renovate and fix-up an empty house. Imagine all the furniture and fragile items you own getting in the way. Look around the house and find things that need to be repaired or improved. If you are moving in during winter it might be better to focus on the interior of the house. Here are some helpful tips to help with your home improvement project.

Security doorsHome Security

First thing that should be done after buying a house is making sure that it is secure enough. Changing the locks on all exterior doors is a given. At that point, the agent who sold you the house, previous owner and perhaps people who the previous owner trusted, have the key. New locks aren’t expensive, and will provide a peace of mind, knowing that the only person with the keys to your house is you. There is no reason why security shouldn’t be improved even more. Consider buying an alarm system, security doors and shutters, as well – better safe than sorry.

Get rid of pests

Another good thing to do before moving into a house or an apartment is getting rid of pests, as well as making sure they don’t visit your home in the future. If you see any sign of bugs while looking around your new home, it is best to act immediately. Either buy a bug bomb and make this a DIY project, or hire professional exterminators who have experience and are sure to get the job done. Pests like termites, roaches, rats and mice are not something you want in your house, especially if your family is moving in soon.

Home CleaningClean up

If there was any renovating and fixing inside the house, chances are it needs to be cleaned. It is possible to hire cleaning services to do this professionally and thoroughly. On the other hand, why spend money on something that can be done by yourself in a day. Stock up on cleaning supplies – you will need brooms, gloves, a vacuum, cleaning fluids for glass and plastic – and get to work.

Make sure to cover all surfaces, open-up cabinets and swipe inside them. Mop the floors and cover the corners, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. If there are carpets in the house, consider giving them a deep clean. This is one part of the cleaning where it is good to call in the cavalry. Chances are you don’t own a heavy-duty carpet cleaner, which is the best option for carpets.

Turn a house into a home

Why not make your new house feel like a home? Put personal touches into the house by renovating and remodeling the bathroom, kitchen or some other part of it. Kitchen is a place where a lot of time is spent, and why not invest some time in making it perfect. If you are bringing in a new refrigerator, stove or perhaps new cabinets, make sure to install them properly and with careful planning. You can manage this by yourself, if you have the proper equipment. So buy basic woodworking tools that fit your needs and equip yourself to finish the job.

Creating a home

Moving into a new house should not be rushed. Take the time to check if everything is ready for moving in. If there is a need for fixing or renovating, make sure to do it before you fill your new home with furniture.


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