5 Small items that can completely transform your home

When we enter a room, we usually notice the larger pieces first. However, the truth of the matter is that the small details give character to a certain space. If you wish to create a feeling of comfort, you will have to focus on them. Because of that, we made a list of small items that can completely revamp your home.

revamp your home
revamp your home

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Hollywood mirror interior
Hollywood mirror interior

Although mirror is an item that is associated with bathroom, you can position it almost anywhere. It is distinctively different from any other piece of furniture. Furthermore, you can increase this effect through a cleaver use of a frame.  You can go for several styles: Hollywood mirror, makeup mirror, such with artsy frame, large mirror etc. The best thing about them is that they cover space on your walls. Most families use cheap pictures for walls which may come off as tacky. On the other hand, no one will judge you for having a Hollywood mirror.

Vases with flowers

Ok, almost everybody has plants in their home. But, what most people do not realize is that by using a nice vase design (coupled with a right plant of course), you can add so much style to your house. Both vase and flower should be the extension of your interior design.

Vases with flowers
Vases with flowers

If you have a modern, clean interior, simple vase designs can do the trick. On top of that, you should use simpler flowers such as tulips. For a classy space, it is much better if you use vase with intricate design together with petunias in different colors.

Chandelier/ceiling lights

People usually pay enough attention when it comes to picking chandeliers or ceiling lights. In the end, these items are the only thing we have hanging from our ceiling. In that regard, they are imperative for a properly designed home. Unfortunately, although most homeowners realize their importance, it is really hard picking the right piece. This is mainly due to the fact that there are so many items on the market and making the right choice can lead to a severe headache. Because of this, it is best if you leave the purchase of lights for the end. When you get all the other furniture pieces, you can proceed with it.


Carpets feel like an item that is lost in time. Although they are still being used, they are much less popular than they were some 30, 40 years ago when every bit of a floor was covered with them. Nevertheless, if you wish to create a feeling of comfort for your family and guests, you should introduce more of them. Most people have issue with maintenance. Nevertheless, it is hard to neglect the warmth it brings to your home.


Clocks interior
Clocks interior

Here is a real throwback! When we talk about decorative pieces, wall clocks are one of the best examples. In this day and age when families spend most of their time at their PCs, socialization in front of the TV has become a rarity. Also, the fact that everyone uses phones for telling time makes the wall clocks much less desirable. Yet, if you wish to create a homey experience, you shouldn’t neglect them.

People usually say that life is all about small things. This cannot be truer when it comes to interior décor. You can pick amazing furniture, matching wall paint and other big items to complement everything but, without all these small pieces, your home will always feel barren. Next time you go shopping, consider warming up your home with a nice mirror, retro clock or perhaps a comfy carpet.

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