Adding Mirrors to Add Luxury look

Mirrors play a vital role in the realm of interior design as they add depth and charm to any space. Once priceless objects that adorned royal palaces, they have now found their way into modern homes and have become a part of a wide array of popular styles. They are as much about aesthetic value as they are about functionality, and thus, they are a striking decorative element which needs to fit the overall layout.

Mirrors for luxury look
Mirrors for luxury look

So, adhere to concepts of favorite design schools and let them be your guiding lights in the interior transformation.

Mid-century modern

Refined lines and natural shapes are mid-century modern style’s darlings. These characteristics should govern the choice of mirrors fit for the task of summoning a shimmering spectacle in the living environment. Furthermore, mid-century designers have broken new ground with innovative materials in the league of molded plastic, plywood, and aluminum.

mirror ideas
mirror ideas

This is to say that one has a high degree of freedom to select mirrors that serve as a centerpiece of a stellar design, a piece of artwork in their own right. So, do not take a purist approach and do borrow ideas from other schools. An unconventional shape, for instance, is a good way to make a bold statement and infuse the space with your personality.

Scandinavian minimalism

A Scandinavian design took the world by storm. It features the irresistible minimalist look and clean aesthetics. Often, it gravitates towards Bauhaus principles, gentle contours, and fluid lines.  What is more, a Scandinavian abode involves both engineered and organic materials, and the trick is to keep it simple and functional.

A minimal mirror has a simple frame, typically a brass or silver one. Alternatively, some people go an extra mile and avoid using any frame at all, leaving the mirror as it is, while many homes include a wide range of pieces such as simple hand mirror or a minimal floor mirror. Finally, feel free to pick an accent color to complement the Northern gray and white backdrop.

Mix and match with a modern twist

Decorative accents in contemporary design echo an artistic and creative expression. Naturally, there is no shortage of companies like Tysiza that offer contemporary mirrors in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Modern style is no stranger to both elegant geometric design and vintage beauty with traditional embellishments.

mirror and minimalism
mirror and minimalism

Those who aim at eclectic look can pair vintage mirrors with modern furniture. Indeed, this engaging juxtaposition creates a sense of drama and sparks interest in any room. A similar effect can be achieved by mixing and matching various mirrors in a gallery-wall-style arrangement. Just do not let them compete with each other for your attention.

Classical look

The timeless savor of the classic style requires one to search for antique mirrors that look as if they have deteriorated with age. They typically include ornate and elaborate frames, distressed patches, and dark edges. These eye-catching pieces emanate the vintage vibe and are best accompanied by the vintage furniture.

A flawed beauty of foxed mirrors is also a welcome sight in vintage and classic homes as it injects a ton of character into the space. At last, baroque mirrors are rightfully regarded as undisputed paragons of luxury. They are heavily decorated and showcase intricate, gilded sidings with motifs such as flowers and cherubs that are best utilized in classical and French-style homes.

A glimpse of timeless beauty

Mirrors are a crown jewel of swell design; an element with expands the space and infuse it with surreal beauty. A single feature mirror on a wall can brighten any room and make it more inviting and alluring. It adds a spellbinding finishing touch with reflective visual symphony, one which imbues your room with polish and glamour. So, whether you want to indulge in shameless self-admiration or pull off a wow statement, these elements are paramount for your efforts. Unleash your inner designer and feel the magnetic pull of a stylish reflective sanctuary.


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