How to Design Your Perfect Patio

Paving is a versatile and attractive landscaping solution. You can create your perfect design using a number of different styles, colours and materials. Before you begin your design, you should carefully plan to ensure your ideas work. To help you do this, this article highlights what to consider when designing your perfect patio.


Firstly, you need to determine the size of your patio. Will it cover your whole outside space or just a portion of it? Whereabouts in your garden will it be laid, and in what shape?

Perfect Patio design
Perfect Patio design

It may help to define the function of the area to be landscaped, as once you know what the space will be used for you can understand how big, and what shape, it needs to be, and what will work most effectively.

Perhaps you want to improve access to the property, smarten up your home’s appearance, add interest with a circular patio, create a small external seating area, a large entertaining space, or you want to tidy up your garden and cover it all in paving to make it easier to maintain.


Once you have decided on what the patio will be used for and its size, you can decipher which materials will work best to create that space.

Decide which products suit your tastes, whether it be contemporary or traditional, rustic and country or modern and minimal. Also, consider which materials would complement existing features like any surrounding buildings.

Perhaps you’d prefer a rugged weathered natural stone to rustic riven paving. Maybe you’d like mediterranean carpet stones and setts in contrast to angular, simple block paving. Or you could opt for minimal and contemporary porcelain or granite slabs for a sleek finish. There are many options to choose from.


You should also consider the colours to incorporate into your design. Try to visualise how your completed design will look and whether the colours chosen will complement your chosen materials and existing features.

Grey slabs can create a modern and sleek feel, whilst lighter more sand or white coloured stones can brighten the garden and create a bigger space. Terracotta coloured stones can work perfectly against a whitewash wall backdrop and green plants to create a perfect mediterranean feel.

How will your chosen colour work with your lustrous green lawn, and will it make surrounding red, orange and blue flowers and shrubs stand out? You could combine and contrast colours, like differing shades of grey in stripes or a checkerboard effect to create different zones and add interest.

Finishing Touches

Finally, consider what finishing touches you can add to really make your patio stand out. What will work to add intrigue, interest and pizzaz?

Edging can be used as a border to create distinct zones and define areas of your paving. Likewise, pebbles and gravel can contrast with vegetation and slabs and add some variety to your design. Stepping stones can be set in lawns or planting to create a distinctive feature.

Stepping stones edging
Stepping stones edging

Planting can liven up and add a variety of colours and warmth to your paving design. Try perennials, herbs, grasses, potted plants, raised beds and alpines to add shapes, textures and definitions to your design.

Furniture can be a great finishing touch and really help you use your space well. Choose furniture that complements your design, like minimal furniture for a modern design. Lighting can really finish off your paving, and lanterns, fairy lights and uplighters can illuminate it to show it off.

When designing your patio, take these factors into consideration. What size and shape will your patio be? What materials will work best for that space? Which colours will complement your garden? Which finishing touches will help your paving stand out? There are a plethora of possibilities when designing your paving, so use these pointers as a starting point to creating your own ideal outdoor space. Visit Simply Paving for paving DIY and design.


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