How to Increase Storage Capacity in Your Shed

Garden sheds are usually used for tools we use in the garden and around the house, such as the lawnmower, brooms, hoses, etc. However, it seems that we tend to use our sheds as places where we tuck all the stuff that can’t find its place inside the house, yard or the garden. Of course, over time, our sheds become overstuffed and overcluttered, and pose a potential health risk for anyone who tries to enter.

Let’s face it: the shed needs to provide you with enough storage space. And, of course, this does not mean building a new shed when we overstuff the old one, since that is absurd. What we can do, however, is fix the ongoing problem and increase the storage capacity of our garden sheds.

How you may ask? Well, scroll down and go through the following tips for making your garden shed more organized, which will make your life easier.

Clean Garden ShedDeclutter

First of all, we need to get rid of all the things that create a mess. The most effective way is to start from the floor upwards. The floor is usually covered with hoses, so think about wrapping them around hooks you previously attached to the walls. Also, use the corners of your shed as much as you can, and put the large stuff there, such as lawnmowers and other bulky machines.

No hard feelings

If we’re aspiring hoarders, then keeping stuff we haven’t used for ages is a great thing to do. However, if we want to make more room, we need to quit being emotional about things and throw them away or donate them. Dozens of glass bottles and jars most likely won’t ever be turned into pretty garden and house décor items, so think about donating them, or making a garage sale. You can keep a few, but those things keep coming either way.

Divide et impera

The Latin proverb that means ‘’Divide and rule’’ can be used in our garden sheds.

Organize the things in your shed according to their use. Dedicate one side of the space to gardening tools, place machines in the other, and so on. This way, you will create a perfect order in your shed and you won’t have to turn the place upside down to find that one screwdriver.

DIY garden shedMake everything easily accessible

In order to make this happen, you should definitely check out various shelving solutions. Installing shelves on the walls of your shed is a great idea, since we usually don’t use them as much as we should. Plus, they offer a lot of storage space and they are easily accessible. If you want all of your tools to be in the same place, think about wall tool holders. They can be store-bought or easily made out of spare wood. You’ll find that screwdriver much easier now! A cheaper version of this are the DIY hanging storage bins and baskets. The bins can be made from plastic bottles for tiny things, like nails, while you can buy or also make the baskets out of cardboard boxes and some twine.

As you can see, even the messiest garden sheds can be organized or serve their purpose. What we need to do about it is be smart and efficient, which means clear up the mess, get rid of the excessive items, arrange by use, and use all the available space in the room. Following this pattern, you’ll make your garden shed roomier, and you won’t be annoyed every time you walk in to find a tool.


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