How to Prepare for Roof Repairs

Roof repairs aren’t the most expensive home improvement project, but people often find them to be the most stressful. It takes some time to get done and it causes the disturbance in your daily life (and the lives of your neighbors). Before you make any decision or hire a contractor it would be best to inform yourself in detail about the state of your roof and the type of services the contractors provide.

Roof RepairRoofing materials

There are numerous things to consider when choosing the roofing materials and aesthetics isn’t among the most important. First, think about the weight of the material and does it require special framing to be installed. How does it react to harsh weather conditions or what’s its lifespan. In the end, does it come in colors that are complementary to the design of your home? Asphalt shingles are the most common choice because it’s the least expensive and it comes in almost any color. However, clay and concrete may be a better choice if insulation and endurance are your primary concerns.

The contractor

Take the time to investigate the credentials of the roofing company. There are no rules about how long they should be in business – you could find a great contractor that’s just getting started, but it’s still fine to ask about their experience in the field. Also, find out if the workers are paid by the hour or per shingles installed. The former is a better option since it guarantees the quality of work, not just the speed in which it will be done.

Modern roofPaperwork

It isn’t a very complicated job, but there’s always some chance someone could get hurt up on the roof. Don’t be surprised if it takes much more paperwork than you anticipated. Check with the local authorities about the building permit required (some contractors do this work for you). A paint job wouldn’t require a permit, but actually replacing the shingles would. Next, make sure the contract with the roofing company specifies all the work that’s going to get done (this includes the cleaning). Finally (and probably the most importantly) check if the contractors have proper insurance – that way you can’t be blamed for any potential accident.

The cleanup

Roof repairs leave a lot of mess, especially if the whole roof is getting stripped. Nails, pieces of wood and sometimes pieces of the equipment wind up on your lawn. It’s imperative that the repair company is contractually obligated to clean up once the work is done. Getting all the nails is obviously the most important part of the clean-up process. Ask the contractors about magnets used to collect them. Any decent roofing company should have one.

Colorful roof

Restoration or repair

Inspect the roof yourself first and then ask a couple of contractors to do it. The key decision is whether you want to replace the shingles completely or just fix up the existing. In most cases painting and refreshing the existing roof is all it takes. It may seem like the easier option, but it’s definitely a job better left to professionals because of all the preparation and cleaning that needs to be done beforehand. Professional roof painting in Sydney could be scheduled right away, but the work itself can take a couple of days, depending on the weather.

Roof repairs needn’t be done that often, but when you decide to deal with them – go into it prepared, find out all the information beforehand and make sure the contract you make with the roofing company is detailed and covers all the work required.


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